Advanced Edit Resize

Shrink and expand is fantastic but let’s be honest it’s a tad limited. I believe the addition of a dedicated resize function to advanced edit would be most welcome.

Here’s a quick mockup of what the new interface might look like.
4750 renoise resize overhaul.png

This would work really well in conjunction with the ability in advanced editor to choose resizing of selection / track / pattern etc.
What are your thoughts on how it could look/function?

Comes close?

Yeah dblue’s tool does help vV, I got credit for the idea but I prefer built in functions.
My idea here is more flexible because it works with different selections plus it’d be more stable as a native feature.

I’m not a big fan of offloading functionality into 3rd party tools that have to be found especially when they would be very welcomed as standard features and are such in comparable software.

I agree with that if it is also the case. (And i definitely agree dBlue should really put his good stuf on the general tools page instead of letting them get lost in the tools forum :P)
But the forest of native desires is usually so dense that it can get hard sometimes to distinguish a generic desire from a personal one.

Yep it’s in Live, Logic Pro, Cubase etc. and tends to work the same way in all of them.

Here’s what Ableton calls MDI Note Stretch.

Section 10.4.9 MIDI Note Stretch