Advanced Edit Window Contents

i use the advanced edit window A lot, so much that those drop down menus really get in the way.

since there is so much space in that area, could All the drop down menus be converted into just buttons?

i know it looks cleaner having the drop downs, but it would speed things up.

regretfully no, i dont know the key mappings for them.

I use AdvEdit a lot too, especially with restoration stuff. The locality is fine but the drop down gets a bit clicky. I would prefer it if the default selection was ‘transform notes’ because that’s the feature I use the most. Maybe that can a parameter that renoise remembers for each user: it stays on whatever you’ve previously selected.

I’ve got a feeling that the ‘space’ is reserved for future functions?

Transpose hotkeys would be funky.

Aha. I can now see your case for reducing clutter. I’m on 19" here, and sometimes forget people are still using smaller sizes.

I second the idea, Renoise should remember the last used section. I’m using the ‘transform notes’ functions most too.

Just spiced up the Adv. Ed for the next beta. The current one is really a downgrade…

Nice :)

Could I dare to make a few more small suggestions:
More ‘in Song’ options for ‘Section in Process’.

Now we only have ‘Track in Song’.
But it really make sense to also have ‘Selection in Song’ and ‘Column in Song’.
I’ve heard several other talk about this as well. Like if you wanna transpose the whole song but not the drums, then you can just make a large selection without the drums and then transpose.
Or if you just wanna transpose a column with hihats or whatever.
Also ‘The current selected Instrument’ could be a nice option.

what about if one could also refer to selected patterns into the pattern sequence?

something like “selection in selected patterns”


A good idea! I would also like to see something similar to CTRL+selection, i.e. several selections within a track/pattern/song.

hey ive been away for a bit, is any of this stuff in beta 7?

ooooo NICE!

all of this is wonderful!

Some of your dropdowns have been replaced for nodes and “selection in arranger” is not in but “column in song” is.

-i had not ran b7 until just moments ago…
above when i edited, it was after i viewed the changelog-

Seeing this
seeing this is cinematic!

this is absolutely Reveling! i’ve seriously been wishing for this mix paste!!

it visually works so well, the layout being similar in design to the genius of adobe’s PS & il’s
default position side layout/control panels, opens up a whole new realm of Idea!!!

i cant seem to express the amount of gratitude i’m feeling.
its like a total natural high an a breath of fresh air all rolled into one!

these new posibilities!!! will be explored beyond my minds content!

:drummer: :drummer: :drummer:
:w00t: :w00t: :w00t: