Advanced Frequency Overlap Detectors

Does it exist some kind of VST plug-in that lets you monitor/see the EQ curves of multiple tracks and then AUTOMATICALLY suggest areas/frequency ranges where conflicting/competing frequences among tracks/instruments occur?

I have tried Voxengo’s GlissEQ, which lets you save a static curve for comparison with other curves, but I’m looking for something (a spectrum analyzer, EQ or whatever) with more precision and options.

Does any of the plugs from Waves allow multiple channel comparison? Does any plug on the market detect conflicting frequencies, or do I still have to find that out manually even if it’s soon the year 2008?

Tell me about your tools for better mixing!

Ears 1.0.

Ears 1.0 and …
you could have a look at multi-inspector fro VertexDSP
there is a free version from it, limited in channels but fully functional


Maybe worth a look:

Thanks for the suggestions.

I’ve now downloaded and tested the demos of MultiInspector and SpaceBoy. Both are very good, but I also found this baby:…eqAnalystMulti/

I like that this product is “made by musicians for musicians”, that it’s custom skinable, etc. So I’ll probably buy this one.