Advanced Midi Control Device

I want this Device in Renoise!!!

I think PRO Audio/Midi application must have an advanced MIDI editor for the external MIDI Hardware like Logic, Cubase, FL Studio, Presonus Studio One.

This gear must be capable of that:

  • Unlimited number of parameters.
  • Big Editor Screen.
  • Load/Save Presets
  • Load/Save Sysex messages.
  • Presets Library.
  • Select Midi Port
  • Select Midi Channel
  • Add Buttons, Sliders, Rottary, Led’s, Tabs,etc…
  • Add custom items (Images)
  • Save the current configuration with the whole Renoise Project.
  • Load the last configuration with Renoise project.

The actual MIDI device works well, but only we can do very basic configurations. I think this new device must be based in the current MIDI Control Device, adding the requested features.

what do you think?

In theory you are correct. But in practice, you need to go more into detail and figure out how it works with renoise.

TO be honest, I could settle for the something like the current Midi device module but with the ability of sending/receiving sysex…

More Control or add page, and PopUp options for the Midi-Control Device would be awesome!!!

i try to edit one preset but an empty page displayed (VisiblePages, default is 3 i put 4)

i put some slider code to it, but wont displayed



Sending and receiving sysex for each song, but separate from the pattern would realy help me. I use to store my sound programing of my synthesizer in the song. And there it belongs to!

Same for me, I got a bunch of old tunes using outboard kit I would like to re-do on Renoise, but the inability to capture/send sysex is the one thing that has hindered this, and has probably discouraged me to use MIDI kit in general. Being able to send/receive and save/load sysex data dumps is quite crucial for working with MIDI instruments imo, and although I know there’s other software that will do the job, I think something internal would be a nice thing.
Perhaps something like a ‘sysex button’ in the instrument settings MIDI box which could bring up a pop-up box and give you something like octamed’s crude, but effective sysex editor, with send/capture save/load features. The only tedious thing about it was working out the length of the data dumps because octamed used to auto-terminate sysex capture on the first instance of the ‘f7’ stop message, but I’m sure it could be made to auto-detect the end of the dump.

Good idea?