Advanced Midi In Renoise 2

Yeah!!! Jost got my own Nord Lead 3 beauty for a few days :w00t:

Start to control it by MIDI from Renoise, and found that Renoise has very limited and not very useful MIDI control implementation.
Hoping that in upcoming version (v.2 probably) MIDI control possibilities would be much more advanced.

Is that expectable in new Renoise version ?

We want more!
We want more!
We want more!

busy out your manual.
look in the back like ALL midi synths and get your CC and RRPN,NRPN all that stuff.
make a meta efx applied to your midi inst.
and maps them.
build a template out of it so you dont have to do it next time.

renoise have work fine with me in the past with my:
korg prophecy, virus-rack (red), virus-c, yamaha A-5000 all midi synced and CC’d to death.

How do you proceed with the NRPN? :o

All my gear are controlled with Renoise (akai S2000, Novation DrumS, tr505, midified Sh101, tr606, poly6 and cs15, …) and it work great. :yeah:

But only with CC, impossible to change the Korg Er-1’s NRPN or the mc-303’s NRPN with the Renoise meta fx midi-inst.
I must use midi-ox, create a specific instrument map and that generate a boring latency…

Renoise works fine with my hardware synths also via CC.

The only thing I really miss is a better resolution of the patterns. This topic is already discussed in “a question of speed”; but unfortunatly without result yet.

When you want to create advanced and fast filter- (or whatever) effects, it shows the limits of renoise - it can not handle it.
Just try to record some fast filtersweeps, when you replay it, you won’t get the original sound but “hacked” sound because of the low resolution - not all midi-events are recorded. (Faster speed like F01 will not help, it will make it too complex and not editable any more).

Ok, but are the SYSEX dump implemented in Renoise ?
How’r you guys uploading and downloading your presets to and from synth?

And one more question:
I can record all automation and so on, but how should i record audio to renoise, when rendering whole track ?..

SysEx is not supported. If you want to record audio, you have to send midi from renoise and record audio in external program and then import it into renoise.

For Sysex get e.g.

Sysex within renoise would be great also.

Hoping Tactic & dev team hearing us ! ;)

Yeah, hoping too (already a while ;)


I’ve found that Renoise didn’t recieve AFTERTOUCH MIDI commands at all !
WHY?! I sending it realtime, playing on my NL, but Renoise didn’t get em, looks like Atch commands just filtered off! :(

For example - Emagic Logic recieves and records ATouch commands prefectly…

DEVS please !
Is it possible to change some config files, to enable AfterTOUCH midi commands recording ?

Or else - is the Atouch support planned in next release ?..

Yeah, there’s definitely a few MIDI things that I’d love to see implemented sometime soon… aftertouch, parameter feedback, transport controls… would make working with renoise so much nicer. With software synths replacing hardware so much these days, i think more an more people are getting into using different kinds of midi controllers, and it’s a shame the support for these is lacking a bit in renoise at the minute. :(


I find that midi works relatively well with renoise. Midi controller numbers work pretty well even though there’s no in-program documentation of that feature (future feature wish list?). It’s possible to send aftertouch but not to receive it (as far as i can understand anyway). Like some of you mentioned i also experienced some strange speed issues and issues with dropped notes and dropped controller events that don’t occur with any other sequencers. Not sure exactly what that is all about.

Anyhow, recording notes from a midi keyboard in renoise is something i’ve given up on for now. I’ll wait until the fabled renoise piano roll comes along (that’s still in the works right?). Speaking of things in the works, i’m excitedly waiting for the recording feature in the next version of renoise. Hopefully it will make it possible to automatically record external midi instrument sounds into renoise controlled by the tracker sequencer.

I wish it could synchronize to external midi tempo too. That would make it easier to synchronize two instances of renoise running on two computers, or synchronizing renoise to an external drum machine.

Renoise could get better in the midi department, but right now it’s probably the best tracker for midi anyway :)

You can sync to external clock bij clicking the ‘Clock’ icon in the right corner. Renoise then acts as a slave.

Have fun :)

Oh, thanks. I can’t believe i missed that. For some reason i only managed to use renoise as a master before. I wonder if that’s a recent addition or if my brain is simply not working well :)

sysex for the control of roland juno 106 parameters and other similar synths that dont use midi CC for parameter change. . . . .


Hmmm… Just found that Renoise sends unstable MIDI commands…
I mean that delays between notes may vary by few miliseconds, but it’s audible and pretty annoying :( I just can’t record stright short pulse bassline sounds! It’s jumping over timegrid :(

Anybody else encountered this ?

Oh, yes:

Thanx for the link, junior. Now i can see this is the old problem…
Damn :( There is only hope to get it solved - in upcoming release…