advanced pattern editor : humanize range : min/max

Would be great if we could set min/max humanize limits

Say between 50 and 7f ,.

Does this work somehow meanwhile?

Currently this advanced pattern editor option works fine, and supports range:



Strange. I didn’t find this. Will check again.

i hope this screenshot helps
it’s within the Vol/Pan/Delay/FX area - admittedly, very hidden away.
Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 8.55.00

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7 years later … lol
It supports a range but not a minimum and maximum boundary, which is why I created the topic in the first place.

Example : You have velocity values of 40 in your pattern , when you click apply in the advanced tab range 20, the randomized value with a range of 20 will be added or subtracted from 40, iow some values will be below 40.

SO no , the advanced pattern editor option does not work fine :slight_smile: ,
BUmp the topic to get this implemented