Advanced Pattern editor questions

The more I spend with Renoise, the more i am just figuring it out so im hoping my questions die down to nothing soon.

Im a little stuck on this…maybe just simple user error. I like to compose a really big chord with a lot of notes triggering at once in a piano app. It helps me hear the composition better to hear everything playing on a simple piano. From there I copy that composition into different synth channels for layering. Easy stuff. Obviously the notes are in new channels but are still coded to trigger the piano vst instead of the synth I just pulled up.

Using the advanced editor I have easily highlighted groups of notes, changed the octave and done other quick changes. I love how I can change the notes for the entire song or just one part…all amazing shortcuts.

For some reason when I try to switch source instruments, nothing happens. I may be confused (I did read the manual on this) on exactly what to put for source instrument, how to swap…etc.

Just for example, say my piano is in slot 03. The pattern is coded for that. I want to recode it to slot 06. I have been doing this by hand, but with huge chords it can get tedious. I know the batch switch is in the advanced editor under instruments, but I can’t seem to input it correctly as nothing happens when I hit swap or remap. If anyone can show me the light, I’d appreciate it.

Other question - this multiband filter is unreal. I am blown away that I can quickly make a mult in 2 seconds like this. WOW. I just would like a little more detail on the routing.

If I have a bass I want to mult, I insert the meta in the channel. I then make 3 sends for hi low and mid. My question is it seems like I can only send to another send and not back into the channel. I’d like to process each part of the bass differently and then send it back in for level control before it hits the master bus. Basically It seems like it is more set up like a send effect and not a Buss.

What I want to do when I mix is mult a lot of my channels, process the separate bands, send back to a group (which will basically be my stems) and adjust volume, EQ…etc from there. Is it setup so the original bass track I have multibanded basically just becomes that? Coming from Cubase, I was able to route from the original track into 3 seperate busses for each split frequency, then into a bus after that to group everything back together. So that is what I am trying to accomplish here.

Have look at this tool:

Have a look at this multi-send routing setup:

Awesome, that tool is exactly what I wanted…thanks!

And it seems like I was close on the routing. I just have to make an extra Send and use the send plug. Fair enough. And I just keep everything pre fader as well.

I have another question and hate to keep making threads.

How do I do long automations through the course of a few patterns? Is it better to make the pattern longer in length or there a way to automate say a pad filter sweep while it plays through multiple patterns?

You can create a line through various patterns using the line tool, the draw tool is unfortunately limited to one pattern only.

Ok perfect…that works for me.

Next thing I am trying to figure out. I have 2 snares layered and I want one layer to hit a tick or so early (ahead of the beat). In a piano roll, id just drag it forward a hair. How do I use the note delay in renoise to accomplish this…or is there another way?

Move it back one row and use delay column, or put it on its own track and use track delay in the mixer, then group them.

I found the “nudge” featured in the advanced options and have been messing with that.

It is the same concept…correct?