Advanced Retriggering

So… what I’d like to do is apply an effect that would retrigger a sample forever (or until I turn the effect off), but whilst it’s ‘retriggering’ I’d like to automate the speed of the retrigger so I can smoothly ramp up the speed or slow it down. Anyone know of any tools that can do this? It’s similar to what dblue’s glitch does, in the retrigger effect you can alter the speed to it slides up or down but the control of what it does seems pretty limited.

Any help much appreciated as always!

You can decrease the speed just before that part and type in each hit individually.

Here you go.
Have a look at the bottom left!

No… sorry ^^ This is just a drawing from another similar suggestion where you can
automate any kind of pattern command,
Would rock for sure!


I can’t imagine it being a feature in Renoise now that I think about it, probably some kinda vst maybe. It must be possible somehow though

I was actually thinking of making a simple retrigger VST sometime relatively soon. It would probably be very similar to the one that’s already in Glitch, but obviously not tied to any kind of sequencer, just the single effect on its own. You mentioned that the one in Glitch isn’t quite what you were looking for though, so maybe you could give a few suggestions for what you had in mind? Or perhaps you simply mean that using the entire Glitch VST just for the retrigger function is a bit overkill, I can understand that.

Use the CHORUS/FLANGER and set the feedback to 100% and ‘tap’ a steccato note (i.e. on/off really fast). Then play with the delay on that. Turn it off by setting feedback to 0.

You can’t necessarily RHYTHMICALLY retrigger the note, but you can get the sound I’m thinking you’re going for. No time now, but will make example xrns later.

What I mean is that the speed adjustment, although cool, is fairly limited if you want to precisely control whats going on, for example… I start a sample retriggering at a set speed then i’d like a parameter (control knob) that’s set to 12 o’clock which can be turned clockwise to say 1 o’clock and you’d then notice that the retrigger speed is constant in this position but faster than the original retrigger speed. It would be cool if you could automate this over a given time so that you can hear a smooth transition between speeds as the song plays… and obviously going anti-clockwise would slow the retrigger speed down.

Getting a bit more technical it would be cool if there were a few features that were available as the retrigger speed decreases…

Either the slower speed means that the orginal retriggered section of the sample remains the same so there will be a noticable silence inbetween triggers, or the sample could be stretch to occupy all space between the retriggers without pitch being altered (optional also)… or if the entire sample was in memory it would just play more of the sample.

There’s some ideas that I think would be cool if you’re gonna make a standalone retrigger tool :)

EDIT: Just listening to a track called “Coke Ajax” by Venetian Snares and the last 15 seconds pretty much says it all… it’s EXACTLY what im looking for so it might be work checking that out.

That doesn’t sound like retrigger to me. It sounds like a very short sequence of notes playing each individual sound in a looped pattern, and then the BPM has simply been automated from extremely fast down to very slow. You would not really get the same sound from a retrigger effect in my opinion.

Cool track though :)


Actually you’re right, but I guess if their was only 1 note there then the retrigger effect I was talking about above would give similar results, plus you’d have loads more options where to go with it. What do you think about the suggestions?

They were good. I liked the idea of keeping the silence between retriggers when you slow it down. I also liked the other idea of stretching them out to fill up the extra space. I don’t know exactly how good that will sound, but I am already working on a new version of my standalone stretcher, so I could possibly try to merge them together somehow. I’ll definitely keep your suggestions in mind though.