Advanced Sampler

now that renoise is an almost-pro piece of software, isnt it time to spice the sampler part up a bit? i find it truly annonying that i cant change speed of loops without the pitch going with it… i mean, does a loop have to get detuned just because it’s 1bpm wrong?

also, pitching a loop will make it desynch. is that really nice?

so, a “floating pitch/speed” sampler would be great! perhaps a switch for each channel: old sampler / new sampler to get backwards compability! :)

sure it does.

actually, it suggested many times, all these pitcheshifting/timestratching/beat-mapping/beat-slicing. for drums it should be like in recycle i guess, it doesn’t need complicated algorithms and gives the best quality… so, maybe one day, someone of developers won’t be so drunk and will… maybe… one day…

p.s. actually i don’t believe it’s gonna be soon, i’m asking for the feature too much of time already and seems nothing’s really planned…

Having the idea of how it should work and actually implementing it is really a big difference. A pitchshifter is not done within some hours. There is so many stuff connected to this issue, that I get a headache if I only start thinking about it. Maybe it works basically after a few hours but to get it really finished and useable it will take month.
Lets develop things step by step: What people need most and what is possible to do now without breaking everything. You as an ex developer should even understand this Zed.
And hey, instead of moaning everytime that we dont implement your features fast enough you could help us developing.

If someone is interested in developing for Renoise, dont hesitate to contact us. We are not an invisible abstract company that has only the goal to make money out of this. All the Renoise team memebers do this for the sake of the app that comes around at the end. So if you think you can make a part of your dreamfeature true, do it in Renoise ands share it with the community.

i think renoise should stick to the Sequencer thing, with full support for Midi/VST latests innovations. More speed in the interface (drawings), etc, etc…

if you really need a sampler there is so many out there that can do the job for you, like the latests NI Intakt. Let’s not divert ressources on things that are not a priority :). Make the Sequencer perfects first ! :lol:

well, there is a big difference between usual pitchshifter and recycle’s one. recycle’s done for drums, and it doesn’t do pitchshifting without changing play time. it does a rhythmical map and then just rescale playing time of these piece. so, it’s quite simple and effective. you don’t need a month, you need a week to get complete working routine. maybe there is a little question how to design it right into renoise’s gui/rns structure, but i think this question is solvable.

please, don’t take it so serious, i know i post too much about the same. i just feel like the most people who can vote doesn’t really understand what is really good for renoise as tracker conception. the other side of my moaning is that i want to say it’s not that hard as you might think. if i were closer to you, not in siberia, but somewhere in europe, i would help you with coding for sure. and i’m trying to help you with ideas at least.

How is it different to be in Russia than it is to be in an European country?
(and… large parts of Russia was in Europe last time I checked :P )
The Renoise team is spread across Germany, Netherlands, Finland and Norway…
Communication is over the net, there isn’t much (other than a larger time difference
of some hours) that’s different if you’re in Russia (that I can see… but I might be wrong?).

yeah, part of russia is a europe, but it’s about geography. i meant not geography, but political/social. i don’t feel much of comfort while doing my hobby here. few years i ago i had to choose between coding and music making, i’ve chosen music… why? there are much of reasons, but the main is that my life made this choice for me.
anyway, i believe in you guys, you do the right thing, you can do good tracker without mad asm coder from siberia :D

well i do understand that you guys have a lot to do, but this was only a suggestion… i can never demand any features, i’m just loving the fact that renoise is around at all, so please do not misunderstand me :)

and well, the main idea with renoise is to make it a tracker, right? and trackers, believe it or not, are samplers. i mainly use samples in renoise, and that’s why this matters to me.

and yeah, i could timestretch the loops… but it’s still a bit complicated as renoise doesnt use ‘real’ bpm (i know, there is a display of that under some menu, but how reliable is it? … worth a try though)

You have bpm and you have to play bits of the sample.
If samples sound detuned due to an impossible loop-point i have the idea your loop is very short and the bitrate of the sample may not be properly interpolatable. I used to edit samples in an external sample editor to stretch the loop-area and straighten out the loop.
Renoise has the easy to read wav-samples with loop-points properly…
Back in the IT/FTII day i had to figure out the loop points again as i could not translate timeline points to byte-points in FT / IT.

You might wonder if detuned sample-loops can be corrected by resetting the bpm for looped areas, would the samplequality always allows such corrections?
If you work with 22Khz 8 bit samples… it’s just asking for headaches and irritation certainly if it comes up to looping the goddamn thing properly.