Advertising My Girlfriend's Website :)

Hey ! :)
I hope it’s not forbidden to market a bit for personal pages :)

If you guyz like nice drawings, then check out my girl’s portfolio !
She’s a traditionnally trained animator, and she’s currently working at Gameloft as a character designer !

It’s her first online portfolio.
Hope you like it, I do :)

Not all images work (frankly, most don’t work or don’t like firefox rc1.)

Strange, it works here for me with FF 1.0.

Anyway, nice pics!

I have Opera 7.54 and it works perfectly, same with IE 6 :)
Sorry you couldn’t see it .

OMG Nino! :D
You girlfriend must be one HELL of a HOT girl to be with :lol:
Excellent hand, remarkable subjects!!! ;)

Nice nice!!! :)

actually very good!! :) i’m impressed!!

Yep… She’s rare :)

Glad you like it ! There’ll be some constant updates, already a couple of new pics right now :)

Thanks for taking the time to visit :)

i like it that you have to pat her ass to enter the site :P
very nice drawings!

She is very good! I really like her drawings of females and I also like her colors.

As you might remember I´m also working as a mobilgames graphic artist and animator since a couple of years…