Advice and feeback seeked: redirect - number 10-04


I kindly ask for your feedback and advise on how to develop the song attached. I would like to further it’s basic idea but somehow I am out of good ideas and feel stuck.
What do you think about it, what would you change / add / remove?

Thanks in advance for any critics!

Wow … such a long time and such a good answer. If you still listen to this thread: BIG THANK YOU!

For talking about music theory in general AND for taking the time to listen to my track.

Some years have passed, some real life happened and I am still into making music. I started to read about music theory - just as you suggested, though independently since I wanted a deeper understanding - and I am happy to do so.

Now I get a glimpse of what kind of trivial music I was making five years ago. Not that I make much better tunes now, but I certainly have a much deeper understanding of whats going on. It has been a long way and it was easier to learn some french, but I managed to get some basic understanding of the language called music.

So to anyone reading this: read about music theory. Use the Ravenspiral Guide to Music Theory or read what I am reading from Michael Hewitt: Music Theory for Computer Musicians - they are worth it. Educate yourself and you will improve.