advice for a soundcard driver

i have only a netbook and using a realtek audio driver. is there a better solution like asio4all or else. i don’t have any external audio interface and use only raw renoise

there’s ‘jack for windows’ and ‘generic asio driver’ from Steinberg

But asio4all will probably be your best bet, did you try editing the settings of asio4all?

I’m also just using my laptop’s on-board Realtek audio card at the moment. To be honest, I find that DirectSound works perfectly fine for my needs. I can keep the latency pretty low, and things run pretty smoothly in general. But I’m only using Renoise by itself, very rarely recording something from a simple USB mic, and otherwise not using any external gear or other things that would complicate matters.

What’s your setup looking like? Do you have some MIDI controllers hooked up? Some external gear that you’re frequently using? Do you record a lot of material live, and therefore require the lowest possible latency? Any other stuff that might make ASIO a real necessity?

If you’re mainly just using Renoise by itself, then maybe you can be happy enough with DirectSound?


yes, renoise on itself. maybe a small midi controller in the future. for field recording, i have a seperate recorder.

what about wasapi ? it don’t show up in the list !


do you think linux is better for the netbook. are there any problems with renoise linux ?

i usejack for windows and can recommend it