Advice for a USB soundcard for Linux/Android device

Hi all,

Im thinking about re-designing my workflow and use more Renoise. Im looking for a decent USB soundcard with 2 stereo INs, that could work seamlessly on linux and eventually with an android tablet. It will be mainly used to sample hardware synth, and to apply real time FX to them. Do you have anything to recommand ?

Im not sure that it makes sense to use a USB soundcard with an android tablet but we never know :slight_smile:

See you

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Im finally considering buying an MOTU M2 or M4. As I understand it should work out of the box with linux / android since it is class compliant, but it has optimized driver for windows which lower the latency.

Does anyone have an experience of the MOTU M2/M4 on linux ? Is it reliable, have a low latency etc ?

Personally I would buy a Behringer or Focusrite. These are class compliant and work out of the box.

Thanks a lot for your answer ! You are right getting a Focusrite seems to be a better idea. Im looking for a hassle free solution.