Advice on MIDI controller for Renoise

Looking to invest in small (49 key) keyboard. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Anyone know if Novation Launchkey 49 MK2iscompatible (says made for Ableton but thinking it will work well)?

The purpose is purely ‘bedroom’ production, to make note inputs and composition a little easier.

I did a quick search in RN forums but couldnt find owt.

Thanks guys

My Novation launchkey mini and launchpad mini work out of the box in Renoise and this is on Linux. I think that all modern keyboards are midi class compliant, basically meaning they just work.

It should also be possible to extend functionality using the pads if i remember right there is a Renoise tool which allows you to launch patterns on the fly, anyway I plan to invest in the Launchkey 49 myself very soon.

Someone else might have to chirp in here about the pitch bend and modulation wheels of the LK49 as I have no experience with this, but I would say that you should be able to at least map these controls to achieve the required effect.

I’ve checked out midi mapping and it looks nicely intuitive. Are you upgrading to the 49 from the mini for extra keys and mod wheels?

Is the launchpad’s primary use for setting up drum grooves, and does that groove just transfer into renoise? Can you allocate each pad to an individual sample slice?

i bought a nektar impact lx49. cheap enough, clean design, shipped with bitwig 8track. keys could be better, but fair enough quality.

the 5 (or so) steps for velocity could be better too, but after testing the different settings,i just use max velocity now and edit afterwards.

after using it some month i wish it would have 12 instead of 9 pads for drum input. the pads are good enough quality too, maybe a bit too hard.

and if nektar would build the same controller as a luxury version with top quality keysection, i would give it a chance again.

I’m happy with Axiom pro 61 and Evolution uc-33, i guess Renoise work with any controller’s core functionality very well)

Except you shouldn’t rely on stuff like Hypercontrol or this one from Novation, which does automapping, sadly it’s all too proprietary for us :\

I’ve got an older M-Audio Axiom 49, mk1, that I got used for like $40 and which works great, does everything I need with Renoise and Reaper. Not the most efficient when it comes to programming it, but the price was right and it works.