Advice on which audio interface to purchase

Hi I am looking for an audio interface with 8in 8out, standard 1/4 jacks. I dont know too much about hardware and find all the descriptions on the websites very confusing.

Is there any specific audio interface you would advice me to get with these functions?

your help would be much appreciated.

Firstly, Whats your budget?

Will you be recording/If so, What?

Firstly, Whats your budget?

Will you be recording/If so, What?

Im really just looking to use the interface with some kind of compressor, a mixer and eventually I want to throw a DAT machine into the mix to use as a processor, so no live instruments or anything like that. Budget wise im quite flexible I can always wait and save for a while if need be.

I think what im trying to say is that I need an 8in 8out (standard line ins and line outs) ,I keep getting confused with the ones I find, especially the ones that also include the same amount of mic ins which I dont need.

From my knowledge, A PCIe interface would be the optimal.

Here are some recommendations that may help (As I am not that familiar with cards - Also this is for a Windows PC):

The other options i am aware of are firewire, thunderbolt and usb. There are also ethernet interfaces, which I assume is for networking and most likely not applicable (I don’t really know much about these).

I am currently using a usb interface. A focusrite scarlet 6i6. It is running fine for me, though I haven’t done much else than run in the box. I have had no problems with electrical noise, that i have heard some cheap interfaces can suffer from. I chose usb because of future proofing, availability and price. I was unsure of the future of firewire and thunderbolt. Thunderbolt is faster than usb and PCIe faster again.

I will upgrade at some point, most likely a card.

Check this thread:

In fact, I would suggest asking for advice on gearslutz. The more knowledge you can get the better, especially when buying equipment. Sorry couldn’t be of more help.

I’m really a fan of my Steinberg UR-44. The price is decent, has plenty of input/outputs, great low-latency performance, and a “loopback” function which lets you record whatever you hear in your PC (including Renoise itself). So just using the sample recorder in Renoise you can sample/resample everything.

Thanks a lot for your help guys

I was about to go with the focusrite 6i6 until I found a deal on a MOTU Ultralite mk3.

Although I haven’t used it yet, I’ve heard good things of MOTU in general, so I’m confident it was the right decision for me.

This thing has eight 1/4" inputs and outputs and two more 1/4" inputs with preamps; it also has the S/PDIF I/O if you’re into that.

RME best drivers in the business, MOTU close second, Personally i much prefer RMEs software over MOTUs Cue Mix, I wouldn’t recommend anything else to anybody, although i do have an old Edirol pcr1 keyboard that is still rocking in Windows 10 hahaha