Advise me for a pc keyboard

Just go for the cheapest keyboard you can get which has ‘alt’, ‘insert’, large enough arrow keys and ideally a numpad. If you like tracking at night its a good idea to go for a keyboard that wont be loud clicking all night

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For a cheap (and nomade) config, I recommend:

  1. A soft PC Keyboard


  1. A soft Synth Keyboard


  1. A CTRL+ALT+DEL extension (in case of Renoise and/or a VST crashes)


  1. A panic button extension (in case of Renoise and/or a VST is 100% frozen)



Great tips everyone thank you all.

can anyone recommend a quiet scissor key keyboard which lights up all cool and fancy like those loud mechanical gaming keyboards?

Like the “chocolate RGB keyboards”?

Send “chocolate RGB keyboard”.


these seem to make playing chords/in tune quite a bit easier. Unfortunately very expensive, no longer in production, and very rare:
I’ve been toying with the idea of using a Lofree Dot usb keyboard which (weirdly, for a keyboard) has a similar harmonic table layout.

@raul, hey, do you have the actual model of that keyboard to search…i just get mechanical switch keyboards when i search ‘chocolate RGB keyboard’.

@olxsw, axis64 is definitely more compact saving on space…also should be easier to play than a normal keyboard because all scales and chords have the same shape in any key…you can play 3 note chords with one finger…but like guitar the music theory stuff is visually scrambled when you think of it visualizing it on axis64 instead of normal keyboard in which all the notes are in order…they look beautiful, shame its discontinued.

There was another one, quite similar which looked awesome called ‘thummer’ but I guess it was because when they demoed it they chose mostly cheesey presets, the investors didnt understand what a midi controller is, didnt like the sound…didnt get funding, went under.
Would have been the best little portable controller, very expressive


Yes. " Alloy Silent Office Game Desktop".

It looks like another Chinese keyboard (as the vast majority). You can probably place an order directly from China. Learn well before buying.

thanks, thats cool that its made of aluminium. looks like its wired though. I think I would prefer to get wirless then I can use it on the sofa when watching youtube.

I dont understand the prefrence people have for those loud mechanical keys.
I always preferred scissor keys.

I have a nice quiet scissor key keyboard, its also super cheap, but it doesnt light up.
Maybe Ill just stick with it and save money. Id only be upgrading for lights anyway


So, I recommend this wireless and illuminated compact keyboard: Rii X8

I have this model, and I am delighted with it. There are other brands and models very similar. It’s not expensive, and it has all the comfort and it works really well. I bought it on eBay. Surely it is available for your language.

This thing is very well thought out. It handles well with both hands, it is silent and it looks great with light. It works with rechargeable battery by USB and last a long time (battery BL-5B). The direct reach is more than 10 meters with its 2.4GHz band.

It measures 13.8 cm wide. It has power switch turned off and an automatic mode of energy saving. Even with this you could handle Renoise… :grinning:

This is a video of a type of youtube:

That looks nice, if there were a way to sort out 3key keyboard shortcuts for renoise it would be nice to chill and write some music leaning back in a sofa.

I might buy one anyway just for general watching tv on sofa

thanks for the recommendation

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Try logitech keyboard or you can also try Dell, and after that maybe you can play msp online with msp usernames and passwords which require a good gaming keyboard. I have used these two and I pretty happy with their quality

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You want a mechanical keyboard with cherry mx switches ( different colours for tactile feedback )

Top of the line are filco keyboards, expensive but these last a lifetime .
These are heavy sturdy keyboards that will survive a nuclear blast attck , same goes for ducky one
I recommend filco majestouch 2
I’ve got a ducky one ,dkon 1608 which is also pretty damn good
Over usb it has n-key rollover , I can press all the keys at one
Good keyboards are worth the investment

Don’t go for these multicoloured keyboard from razer , trust etc… these are garbage are will fail on you
There’s a dedicated page over at reddit for mechanical keyboards enthousiasts . most diy …


I have a HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, it’s TKL so without numpad, it fits my table and it’s really comfortable and probably the cheapest of the MX cherry keyboards out there.

Next time I’ll try a Ducky keyboard with Cherry MX Silent Red switches.

edit: is the numpad useful for Renoise, what do you use it for?
edit2: n-key rollover is a must

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I’ve got a Ducky myself, I buy one almost every time they release a new one in their Shine series because I’m an insane person.


Surely any keyboard would do.

I’m using a KUL ES-87 with MX-Brown switches.

It’s TKL and that may or may not be ideal for a Renoiser if they need the additional num pad.

I don’t so it’s perfect for me.

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In this link I talk about a topic very related to this thread:

I consider keyboards with RGB LEDs very useful for Renoise and other DAWs. Generally, I don’t give much importance to LED lighting on many devices. But yes on an alphanumeric keyboard with software of control. You can learn and remember most of the most important DAW commands. In Renoise, I recommend a mechanical keyboard with RGB LEDs (specifically Cherry MX Silent).

Beware of mechanical switches!!! The majority in the market are a scandal, very loud. Manufacturers want you to think that this is beautiful, modern, very gamer, and very pro. But it’s crap! The keyboards should not make much noise. Because it is very annoying.

Ah, do not pasting stickers!

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Out of my price range but it looks wonderful.I dont know about the lights though,my eyes tend to get tired very easily

I have this one ( not my video )
Great sturdy keyboard , no lights ( cherry mx red switches )

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