Advise me for a pc keyboard

In the past i never thought i could just make music using the pc keyboard and then i met…Renoise,and now i cant live with out it.So give some links for pc keyboard that works best with Renoise

This is all subjective to your tastes and what you think feels good… A keyboard is a keyboard, I use a mechanical keyboard because I just the “clicky-ness”. But it gets in the way trying to stream or record because of how loud it is.

In the end, any keyboard is suitable. I was tracking on my Amiga2000 with its standard keyboard without an issue.


I have a simple Cherry G83-6000 keyboard which I like. 20 Bucks … if it’s brocken I buy the same again or maybe a mechnical one.

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I am also tired of loud computer products, even midi keyboards with cheap rattly keys such as the cheaper novation keyboards. Speaking of typing keyboards as opposed to musical ones, if you prefer staying up late and doing music at night, flatmates or neighbours will complain with all the loud keyboard shortcuts being bashed out alongside loud annoying mouse clicks.

This is why I choose logitech silent mouse and a cheap advent wireless keyboard. They are both reasonably quiet and you can also save money. Admittedly some of the advent keyboards have no ‘insert’ (or numpad) but it has been suggested that ‘shift+enter’ may be used in place of the insert key, which I find satisfactory.

I personally am of the opinion that there is a demand for silent keyboards as well as silent mice and if one became available I would certainly consider making a purchase. Perhaps something which is silent but also lights up in many colors like the mechanical gaming keyboards.

Indeed, most products are not silent enough for my taste and this includes drumpads which are not sensitive enough and must be tapped harder than one would have thought is necessary to trigger during night-time practise sessions in which one hopes one can trigger a drum sample with only the slightest touch, preserving a peaceful living space without tapping noise. In this regard it may be, for those with adequate funding that the zendrum laptop or perhaps the latest handsonic may be considered as midi controllers for finger drumming regarding their alleged higher sensitivity, whilst certainly bearing in mind the adeqate qualities of the ableton push2 and mashine MK3 pad controllers when considering making a purchase. Alas, it has become more and more difficult in this time to try before one buys, something which is preferable when shopping around for drumpad controllers.

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I have come to enjoy the Sharkoon PureWriter keyboards. Mechanical, but low profile keys, so quieter than the average mechanical keyboard. I like red switches, but there is also a model with blue ones. No fancy stuff (except the RGB background lighting in some models, which I turned off), no software needed. Really liking both the TKL and fullsize versions.

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One must be aware when commencing upon a search operation with the goal of locating and purchasing a keyboard with minimum noise output when typing that many comparitively cheap ‘scissor-key’ keyboards do often lack an ‘insert’ key and/or an ‘alt’ key. Both of these key-types are, largley speaking, indispensible when tracking. As I pointed out in my earlier statement, the function of the ‘insert’ key may be adequately effectuated by assigning the ‘shift+enter’ shortcut but I fear that ‘zoom in to selected area’ in the sample editor would be somewhat tiresome in the absence of a standard ‘alt’ key. However, a suitable reassignment may be possible. As yet it has not been discussed.

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You might look for a keyboard with n-key-rollover

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a split keyboard is a sign of a distinguished gentleman


Better yet, look for a PS/2 keyboard. USB keyboards are limited to 6 simultaneous non-modifier key presses.

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I found one at work how about this bad boy.

That keyboard looks like it will have every key you need for every keyboard function in renoise…its good to have the numpad, an insert key and an alt key.

Its true you dont need a midi keyboard for tracking but it is more fun when you do have one.
That way you can jam, not only step sequence…recording your jams into patterns as you go.

Yes, you can jam on the computer keyboard and it may even be better for those kind of leads which jump between octaves alot (because its like having two midi keyboards ontop of each other), but you wont be able to form certain chords and you wont have the joys of a mod wheel or a pitchbend wheel.

sorry for the lame joke about split keyboards above but it got me thinking. It might be pretty cool to have a split keyboard with the pad controller inbetween the two halves, saving deskspace and easy to switch between step sequencing and pad drumming, keeping the mouse on the left or right hand side. It would be pretty cool.

rollover cant be so important id say because most people wont play more than 3 note chords on a computer keyboard anyway, the keys arent big enough to form huge chords with 8 or more notes.

cheaper and quieter is the way to go id say…save your money and do more tracking at night…if only the pad drum controllers were more sensitive I could drum all night…and you cant do that with any ‘accoustic’ drum…you can always drum on a midi keyboard though I guess, with a symetrical layout, although its pretty lame compared to pads.

There is just more joy in jamming on a midi controller, but jamming on a computer keyboard is o.k.

Another thing I often think about is how cool it would be if you could assign some of the most important renoise shortcuts to some kind of ‘function’ button on those mini keyboards…

Then you can lean back in a sofa, holding it like a gamepad, still doing your tracking…much more comfortable (but you might fall asleep from being too comfortable)…

the stenography keyboards are also fucking crazy fast when it comes to typing, but althoug interesting keyboards, they have nothing at all to do with renoise…maybe someone could find a way to renoise-ize them

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I have 2 midi keyboards.I was just wondering if there was some kind of out of the ordinary pc keyboards for tracking

out of the ordinary, and the coolest looking would be split keyboard with a pad drum controller inbetween, something like presonus atom, making sure everything lights up multicolor and fades between colors

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This is completely false.

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This seems very interesting to me. Too bad you do not have the numeric area. Physically I have never played a keyboard of this style.

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It might be more comfortable, having the two halves further apart like that. Less backache and ‘hunchback’…more leaning back, taking advantage of backrests

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See for yourself.

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but there is no numpad its true and I would want them further apart than that connection looks like it allows for…someone should make a ‘stacked’ midi keyboard controller…like four rows of keys or something…put it inbetween the split keyboard too.

maybe something like axis-64, or the smaller linnstrument…but if you want to jam a midi controller between the two halves of a split keyboard you wouldnt want connections going into the sides of the midi controller…would make your cool setup untidy and wonkyness

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Better to try it for yourself. For years there are USB keyboards with the possibility of simultaneously pressing a multitude of keys. Even all the keys.

Right here you can do tests with different USB keyboards. Most membrane keyboards have a simultaneous pulsation limitation. Many mechanical keyboards allow 100% simultaneous pulsation. Others do not, or are limited to 10 beats. Other mixed switch keyboards (half membrane, half mechanical) also have 100% simultaneous pulsation.

Nowadays, recommending a PS2 keyboard does not make sense, just for the nostalgic.

With my mechanical keyboard, using the palms of my hands.

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I stand corrected.