Aedes Lunae

SO! I defeated the big bad writersblock. Well, not really ME… but anyway, there’s RESULTS!
And it’s not breakbeat-infested grindcore stampeding hordes of terror kicks destruction.
NO! It’s dubstep! Because I’m hip and trendy and I want to produce clubhits and score chicks!

Benefit of the Boomerang - Aedes Lunae

nice wobble. i would recommend slower drums,
y’know like halftime beats or maybe 2step-style.
keep warpling!

the drums are way too… hardcore or something.

cheers guys, taking this back to the lab for maintenance =)

and hey… hardcore is the way to go, man… sorry

nice tunage!

Is dubstep popular nowadays? I was kinda waiting when it becomes popular so I could release my older dubstep materials. :)

The track itself is something between the genres again. If you add leads to it you get nice scandinavian pop. Rhythms aren’t very dubstepish neither are the drum sounds.

Not sure. In my opinion the track needs something more to be a great track. But right now it’s pretty nice listen either way.

I don’t know if it’s popular… I like the vibe and approach to sounddesign it involves, because I never
really (could) focus on it before, due to lack of serious sound reference. This is also the first track
where I made every single sound from scratch, so all things considered I’m pretty proud of this track so far.

As for genres, I never got the whole box-thing down, so I guess I never will make anything that fits
nicely into something we call genre. And who cares. :) Anyway, cheers for the feedback! I’ll take your
thoughts into account as this track waits to be upgraded.

Oh yeah, one more thing… Scandinavian pop…?! :P

Scandinavian pop is some weird term that I hear radio DJ’s using on artists with naive yet catchy leadlines, relatively positive sound, lots of repetition and usually clean vocals.

I think they use Basshunter as the benchmark for the so called “Scandinavian Pop”, but I have heard the term applied to many other artists.

Your track has bit scandinavian popish bassline in the end. :)

well, it’s hella popular in the U.K. Benga and Skream are on mainstream radio.

But nice song botb, the drums do sort’ve sound like a jumpstyle song at the beginning, but I’ve never heard anything like that, so it’s nice.

I like it. Very creative track. :D

At first the drums reminded me of Nine Inch Nails (one track on the “Year Zero” album has very similar drums… can’t remember which one, I am in the office at the moment, so I can’t look it up).

Thanks guys!

Yeah, I guess the beats are a bit housy… wanted to go for
a party-hearty kind of vibe… nuskool stomp, gutterpunk,
drop the x and see where it takes ya, that sort of thing…
but, y’know, with that lemonish twist…

Nice vibe. Dubstep? Maybe. I’m going to have to say that this is more experimental electro though.

I was bracing myself for “dubstep” and it never happened. It was more of a really cool wobbly tune. Your beats are of the Micheal Jackson “Billy Jean” variety, and the bassline is a bit in the high end, sounds more like 808 acid squelching with a contemporary twist.

For sure you can mix this in a dubstep set, and maybe it’s a legitimate new direction for the genre. But it seems a bit off to call it a dubstep tune.

That out of the way, tune has been saved to playlist. I like it a lot.

Too much bass imo… some leads get totally drowned :(

The song itself is very nice though. Keep it up with this shizzle :guitar:

Track updated! It’s longer and more repetitive and probably
more hardcore or jumpstyle than ever before but hey…

deal with it :D

EDIT: it’s still too soft for comfort… working on THAT now…

this is as close to a decent mix I’ll ever get with this track.
will upload the xrns later perhaps

Wow, I like this mix! The low-end doing counterpoint with less of that MJ beat makes this a much more dubstep intro. The staggering at the end of certain phrases also makes this feel more dubstep-ish. It’s more diciplined and melancholy, which is more representative of the style.


Thanks man! A lot of time and effort went into the sound and mix
and I had a lot of struggles with the composition as I don’t want to
spread 3 minutes worth of sound over twice as long. Despite this
being aimed to dance to.

Really appreciate your comment dude, thanks for taking another listen!!

Don’t like the song… I’ve heard so much better stuff from you. The song is too hard and too chilly at the same time in some very odd way. The bass doesn’t work for me and those slow synth things make me feel irritated. And what’s up with the vocals?
Damn, I’m such a basher tonight. I’ll blame the beer.

It has more a trouble and bass sound than a dupstep sound.

But I do like the style change.

Maybe make it more darker (less high piched voices and happy melodies) and I’ll buy your upcoming release ;)

Oh well, try before you die, right?