Aeolian (Piano Electronic)

Little piano based track I made inspired by Erik Satie. Wanted to create a semi-randomised song so I took two bass notes, four chords, and six notes for melodies and made renoise randomly select them. Glitch percussion was also randomly selected from a pool of samples. Everything else was sequenced intentionally.

Tried to master the track but just ended up destroying the overall sound so I just went back to an older mix of it instead even though it’s a fair bit quieter. Might try again but for now this is as far I’m gonna edit it.

Need to get a better piano VST as well, playing chords on this one makes the transients too boomy or loud or something, it’s like the notes stack and the amplitude spikes. Anyways it is what it is, might fork out the cash for Pianoteq 6 sometime soon instead.