"Aero Snap" Ability For Renoise Window.

One of the few new windows 7 features i really like is the “Aero Snap”
too bad renoise is not recognized by it.
i wish it was.
especially when im using rewire… splitting the windows of 2 daws over the screen in seconds is awesome…
please consider this!

please also consider a function to fold tracks!
the option to fold all tracks but one is good… but many times your new track relies somehow on notes played in another track…

its not really necessary to hide all the other tracks, just the ability to shrink them would be awesome.

thank you very much.

For just 50€ you made my life so much better.

Aero Snap doesn’t incorporate DirectX application as it seems… i don’t think this will ever going to work unless the Aero Snap developers implement DirectX app support.

This is a shame as I would certainly use this aswell…

Every once in a while I think about trying to figure out how to turn off aero snap.
For me it’s a semi-constant nuisance, however I’m not sure if this is directed by aero but,
“show windows side by side” would be Very nice.
I use that function constantly, Renoise and Chrome are the only programs I use that do not allow that.

Thanks for the guess, but this has nothing to do with DirectX. We would need to add a standard windows border (this transparent caption with title, icon, every window on Windows has) to the Renoise windows and get this “feature” for free.

We right now use our own window borders and caption, because the ones form the system look ugly with the else totally custom Renoise UI.

Here’s how that would look like:
Attachment 1194 not found.

Not really bad, but the ugliness changes with the used theme.

Aha, is that what Aero does? looks funny… but i would turn off such feature quickly because of the extra pixel-waste (saving screen-estate)…

I dunno but… Google Chrome has its own borders and Aero Snap works perfectly fine.

Other than that I really want to have Aero Snap above prettiness. My theme is set to pure black, don’t think it would be that ugly.

Ooh. I have to say, I like where this is going.
You could ‘paint over’ the borders to reintegrate with the Renoise look-and-feel, so you could have a glassy dark-grey look.

I personally could cope with the “ugliness” for the functionality. Would be very useful to me!

What is the real benefit of Aerosnap besides a pretty themed frame with some alpha blending?

This vid shows the feature (same though done with a utility not win 7)

Aero Snap left/right would kinda hurt Renoise though: it won’t resize below 990px wide (the Instrument panel is the main culprit). Even on 1920x1080 you still have a 60px overlap for 2 Renoise instances side-by-size. lucky 27" iMac users and their 2.5k display :P