After 20 years of tracking I released an instrumental rock/metal album made entirely in Renoise (samples, VSTs, VST automation). Dawn of Neptune - Earthridden

What started as demoing songs for our band about 10 years ago turned into “let’s see what we can do with Renoise”, and evolved into my solo project of instrumental, chiptune-influenced metal, tracked entirely in Renoise, including guitars.


wow great, how did you do with the guitars ? did you record each riff as a separate sample ?
and nice songs, reminds me of hypocrisy and early in flames :slight_smile:

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Guitars are 100% tracked, with using Shreddag3 Hydra Guitar VST. Shreddag3 is pretty easy to use with trackers as well, since low velocity makes a muted guitar note, higher velocity makes open note. By switching between muted and open notes you can get pretty realistic rhythm guitars when the sound itself is EQ’d and effected through amp modeling etc. I also used different guitar tracks on left and right channel, both guitar tracks also doubled to make the sound fatter.

Haha wow I didn’t notice the guitars were virtual… Nice

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this is beautiful

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Sounds interesting. :grin:

You did a good job on this one. My favorite is “Dethroned”. The sound is well balanced and it sounds like, well, Rock without vocals. It’s a little bit muddy but still ok. Maybe it’s just because of the guitar sound.

Is it hard to use these kind of VSTs? Or are these kind of VSTs also ready for noobs? 2 years ago I was thinking about buying Stratus of the Shreddage series, but on one hand it’s for Kontakt Player which doesn’t work on Win10 (like everything else from Native Instruments) and on the other hand I probably would need some time to learn how to handle it, because I’m not a guitar player. And I don’t want to invest weeks or even months for some guitars, even though I would like to use it in some future productions. Is it necessary, or is it pretty easy to use? Do you also have experience in using the guitar VSTs from AmpleSound? These obviously don’t need a player like the Shreddage series and seem to be equal.

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It’s honestly hard for me to evaluate how noob-friendly these guitar VSTs are, I play a bit guitar myself so basically I still think of the riffs as they would be played realistically with a guitar. I think the learning curve could be a bit steep if you’re not familiar with guitar already. Of course VSTs give you some freedom instead of real guitars and you can play the tracks in with a keyboard if you’re more familiar with keys.

I’m not familiar with AmpleSound’s products but all the guitar VSTs seem pretty similar according to Youtube videos I’ve watched about the subject.

About the muddiness, could be just my lack of skills in mixing and mastering :smiley: Always a new day to learn new things.

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Thanks for your answer. All right, so I guess I have to invest some time if I want to use these guitar VSTs. Maybe in future, but not now. In any case it’s fascinating what you can get out of these kind of VSTs. You can replace a whole band and nobody would notice it. The results are very realistic.

I’m familiar with my PC keyboard, that’s it. But I would say that I could play on my PC keyboard as good as on a piano. Even though I never learned how to play a piano. :wink:

Your album is beautiful.

It gets a solid 9.8/10 points from me…

Let me tell you what I like and what I am missing.

I absolutely love the guitar (programmed!) and drum patchwork in your compositions.
The mixing of the elements has been done typically better than fairly well, The drums sound clear, have a good punch, and the guitar sounds very nicely doubled in stereo and has good variation in the set of chords and strokes. The composition is good, it comes with a lot of chords that sound good next to the next and they build and release tension within their progression. You have used beautiful schemes and changes. I love, for example, the change in your track “Set Adrift” where it goes to a higher chord scheme near before the end.

What made deduct -.2 points for the 9.8/10 are the following things:
The leads and solos sound more like a keyboard played loop than a real guitar solo.
I would like more complicated (non-repeating) arpeggio’s and scale based walks in the higher regions for the solos. Now I feel that most are returning to the same lead melody after a few bars, and for some reason per composition they don’t sound like played from a guitar.
I think you have already done very, very well in this aspect, but I still am missing “silence between the notes” that is really silent. Some tracks have beautiful silent strokes for the guitar already, but I am missing the parts where everything comes to a full stop. I am also not able to do better myself, but I am a fan of music where the silence between the notes is deliberately used and everything has full short stops.

Overall I loved your album. The compositions are great, it lays well in my ears, and I get a good mood from listening to your sophisticated instrumental compositions in very well mixed and worked out productions.

Sounds like a very decent effort, well done.

@TNT Native Instruments have a Native Access center to install all of their software that you have and install the drivers required. It also works on Windows 10, I have recently installed some Native Instrument plugins in Windows 10 for somebody.

If you somehow managed to run Native Access on Win10 there shouldn’t be any more problems running the Kontakt player itself, that’s seemingly true. But I even couldn’t run Native Access, so of course it’s not possible to use anything from Native Instruments. And this problem is a general problem, a lot of guys have the same issue. You can have a look for example here, and even this method didn’t work out. So for me products from Native Instruments are like products from Waves. They might be good IF they’re working, but it’s a pain in the ass and an impertinence for users dealing with it. So I decided to ignore their stuff and give my money to competitors who are much better and much more user friendly.

But let’s continue with more important things, and within this thread it’s stuff by DawnOfNeptune. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ohh! Love this! I use Shreddage Hydra as well, would love to see your settings for rythm/solo guitar I might have some to learn from you there! Cause the guitar sounds brilliant :clap:!

Drums sounds great as well, overall really like the compositions. Only thing I could think of was the lack of singing in a rhythmic metal like this is, the occasional chip tunes/synth etc helps out a ton there though, makes it interesting to listen to. But finding a singer would make this pure epic!

Great work! Glad to see some metal tunes in here!