After a week with Renoise, is it time to say goodbye?

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omfg… so simple… many thanks!

You know nothing about Renoise. You know nothing about marketing. Renoise has a target market. A target market cannot be for everybody.

The first rule of marketing is: define your customer. Your customer cannot be everybody.

You will never have a product that, “does everything for everybody.” You cannot make, “a mattress that is also a sports car, or a multifamily building that converts to an airplane.” As silly as those analogies sound, that is just the plain truth of the universe.

Renoise has, its own microeconomics that you do not understand. It is a niche in the music software land. It is an anomaly, because its users are far more sophisticated in terms of their knowledge and abilities than the vast majority of hobbyists on FL Studio and Ableton.

That’s not to put hobbyists down or anything. But since you’re not a computer software engineer, somebody should tell you that some ridiculous percentage of Renoise users are software engineers and techies.

For example, “how marketing works,” define your customer 101. Who is a Renoise user? Basic demographics: ABC

For more info on how a customer is defined by demographics enter any USA Zip code into Claritas and see how they are pulled

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That’s not how it works at all. So many fallacies in your text… Some products target one specific type of user. Others have a broader market.

Having an interest in Renoise and tracking is criteria enough to be considered a valued potential user. The fact that someone installed and tried to use the software means that someone has passed a huge hurdle that many people won’t. I don’t know about the stats in this case, but I would imagine that there are some product changes that are rational to make in order to increase the probability of these people becoming permanent users.

A good example of a tracker where bad UX/UI unnecessarily scares potential users off is goattracker.

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Goattracker is certainly a worst case example of how a mainstream tracker should work, you have to be invested in the c64 community for it to make sense learning :grimacing: … but I had fun make a few tunes with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What are beginners unhappy about with Renoise beside Hex, what is the second worst thing they struggle with?

Imagine tying instruments to columns by for example selecting the instrument in the column header then you’d get rid of all instrument numbers in the editor and then also collapse the FX column by default, these together would clean up the interface tremendously making it less overwhelming for beginners who are then just faced with inputting notes and it’s volume column.

This thread made me think. I quit this forum and Renoise too. Bye. I will remember these cool years, cool musics, cool videos, cool people, cool memes, cool endless debates about upcoming versions and new essential features that (perhaps) will never come (but who knows). I don’t delete anything or remove my account. I just stop here my adventure around soundtrackers. Of course I will miss the yearly MBC. But anyway. Bye again. Have fun! Cheers!


I wish you well and hope your break is temporary. Stay safe in this crazy world. :v:

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Everything that Renoise and the Renoise community already is, is why I and presumably many others have taken Renoise up and invested time to learn / adapt / grow into the design.

Any feedback and criticism is always good because it sparks discussion about all the shite that’s been discussed in this thread thus far.

I think it’s important to remember there are always lots of other options depending on context though. Like for example even though I use Renoise on Linux exclusively these days, I still have the odd use for Reaper and will keep renewing my Reaper licence. Likewise I have a Reason 11 licence and billions of Rack Extensions / VSTs that are all still installed on my Windows machine that I haven’t fired up in like 18 months or something but it’s there for the future in case I ever want to go back to that.

Point is though - as needs change and software develops, there are lots of other options for us musicians and surely I’m not the only one who will just use what is best for the job in whatever context said job exists. Just so happens however that Renoise is all I want and need, at least until further notice.

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Yes, good. But Hands off from Renoise !!! If someone don’t like Renoise, go, use some “garbage band” on experimental electronic device from “crApple”!!!

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we can only agree to disagree :smiley:

Is now a good time to promote my Renoise Q+A ? Renoise Live Stream Q+A with Ani Klang on Twitch - YouTube


Always, mate.

Holy shit, check the backstage!!


Nothing new there on my end. Is there something new for you?

Haha he’s just goofing around :sweat_smile:

Those were the days where we all were eagerly awaiting any new release as Renoise still had things to fix or features to add


Aha! Yeah, I wasn’t here then, but that’s funny as hell :smiley:

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Back in the day taktik used to write a song and one tool with his program. Now it makes him physically sick to look at it. It is good though that the community can laugh and laugh. Do you know what it is like to laugh like that?


Anyway, did you do new songs? Still remember your fine tune you sent me once. Cannot find it on my drive anymore, it was really nice!

Not new songs, but sometimes just messing around with idea(s).

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