AG - Wish

Hm hm hm. I’m a bit hesitant to post this as it’s not my composition in its entirety
In february i’ve bumped into a remix contest of an italian EBM/electro goth band by name Alkemic Generator where remixers could choose from multiple songs to remix.
My pick was “Wish” which i’ve found a fine material to metalize.

The original song

[soundcloud][/soundcloud][font=Consolas, Monaco,]

In nutshell i’ve did:

  • Original vocal part on 3 tracks, first delayed and reverbed, panned to left, second i’ve kept unmodified, third i’ve applied zero-latency autotune on to make the bending parts more emphasized, panned right. All of them are equalized to different freq range for saturating purposes. - Original synth line and mine with cab simulator, 2x mpReverbs, panned left and right, equalized different ways. - My rhytm guitar line dual amplified, panned left and right, emphasized on left to prevent clipping. - My bass guitar line, nothing special, moderately amplified. - My drum line, fiddled w compressor and EQ till it had the impact without clipping.
    The song itself lacks any virtuosity, partially becasue i didn’t want to stray far from the original tone and also because the compo deadline was somewhat strict, so its barely any art, but im sort of proud at the mastering although i am aware there is always something to develop further.
    Therefore any advices are welcome

Fare thee well!

nice guitar work. good stuff. too bad the tune is not my type ;) … you got some other stuff in this sound setup ?

Not yet im afraid /> Right now experimenting with tones metalcore bands do, but once i’ve bred it, sure gonna come up with something />