Agent Of The Autumn Gods

Hello, I am not very active here so I think I ought to start up with a bit of introduction. I have been using Renoise for little over a year, before that I have been tracking on my NintendoDS using nitrotracker. I also play a little Accordion and Ukulele but I consider myself a complete novice in all musical fields since I never even considered playing music before I turned 20. I am much better at visual art and I study computer graphics for animation and games… and you can see some of the stupid drawing I make on my blog, .
However I have finally made a track I consider good enough for sharing, so here it is:

Agent Of The Autumn Gods by Ozego


Oh, I better talk about the song as well. It’s downtempo electronica bordering on ambient, I think, I am terrible at categorizing music. I made it using two chime bell samples, a c-4 and a c-5, all the drum samples were made in Renoise and I only used native DSPs because I work on Linux.
I would tremendously appreciate any feedback since I am still new at making music.

Is a nice song. Keep on working. Only native DSP and Linux? Good!

This is a nice song. I really like to hear you playing accordion and ukulele in your upcoming tracks.

Thanks for the replies, I really appreciate it.
I should really get some sort of recording device so I can make my own samples, but I’m honestly not that good at playing my instruments.

I’m seeing some beautiful ideas here, that could be taken and developed further, but nonetheless still lovely. Reminds me a little of Bjork’s song Frosti. You might also want to check out the music by Kaneel, some of his music ventures into similar moods.

Be proud of what you do, never say it’s stupid. Creativity is never stupid. Denying creativity and joining the rest of the 9-5 clones is stupid.

I really enjoyed it, dreamy and nostalgic. It remind me Amiina. Great artwork too!

Thank you.
üav your remix is really cool you guys should check it out; üav’s remix:

Really enjoyed your track, Gooze. Lovely and atmospheric and minimilistic. :walkman:

i also really liked it

I was about to say that. I really like what you did there !

Hey nice little melody. I like this kind of music. + Linux. Great!