Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Grindcore Secrets

The pro-tip? Renoise 2.1 (scroll that page down to the words)


Keep your eye on their MySpace and Twitter for news on the upcoming Drum Machinegun 2 compilation, Renoise included.


Nice, I’ll give it a proper listen later, so far I like the re-ClockWorkOranges.

Really nice stuff they have there, one of the things I have always considered the trackers to be best used for, metal drum programming.

ah no way… always wondered what they used (and figured renoise would be a good choice). would love to see a couple of ANB xrns files…

this was probs programmed in renoise too xDD


That would be a really great sound to get our of Renoise, that frenzied acoustic sound. Seems like the bassdrums are trigged tho.