Aint No Moonshine

My first real dance trance tryout, not sure if its even trance, but its something and its a real quicky, made in about 3 hours. Be nice!

Clicky hery.

edit: its somewhat overdone compression wise tho.

Whoa, the opening was TOO distorted, man! :D

Sounds like antiloop, damn fine up until it breaks down, the melody there and the trancegate used afterwards sounds slightly cheap compared to the rest. Keep at this tune!!

Oh, and either the mp3-encoder you are using is horrible or you use a crappy sample for the drumloop…

its my “finalizing” that f****s up the sound, looking for that “head out of window” sound but with that follows alot of car noise :P

Updated the song a tad, still same overdone compression tho, but i plan to fix that and alot of other things soon enough. Thanks for feedback!..Sagosen! :P

edit: holy shit that second last part had too much compression, just letting you know that i know :P

You keep churning out the finest tracks. That beat hits you hard! Love that subtle groove, melds so fine with the recovery of the compressor.
You talked earlier that the Scum-songs that you shared didnt quite have the sound youre looking for. Is this more in line with that vision?
Also could you please give little update on the 10,000 email marketing thingy.

Thanks man, even tho it might not look like it in real life i try my best, i really do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, im not really sure if this is the way i wanna go, i was thinking “world trance hit” :smiley: when i made this one, but hearing it too much made me put it away for a while. The new “scum” order i was referring to was more like the sound image, try to separate the sounds more and still keeping the “mushy” sound to make it compact and progressive. I have those moments of clarity where i see what must be done and kept during the whole prosess of the song, but then i loose it whilst tweaking the sounds and image. I dont know if i just have really bad memory or im actually making the songs the wrong way.

Atm im working on a tune that started out a bassish-beat riff’ish groove but now has been through a trance and heavy period, im now at a stage where i really see no use for the song except building further on the beat. However to my surpise i couldnt send two send channels through another send channel, right order and everything but it sounded different than it did when i had the compressor on the master(trying to find a way to keep the master; compression free to open up the sound image). I will beast the idiots however by rendering the beat out and starting a new tune. :smiley:

So i guess, aside from the thread actually beeing selftherapy, my vision is to keep one.

About the 10k email frenzy; As i might have said we got contacted from everywhere and my mailbox almost made me feel important, we’ve sent out around 30 demos and another batch is on the go. Aside from radio time and the occational r&r reply we’ve got a deal with a norwegian management team called “startime”.(i didnt say this, cuz its not final yet). The thing is everything takes so føkkings much time and self-confidence barly lasts a day over here, so we’ll keep sending them and ill keep u updated :stuck_out_tongue:

woa, long one.

Thanks man for the update. I recognize the feeling of the visions of clarity being very fleeting, it changes, gets lost somehow, for good and bad. I wonder if it will be like this still a year away, when every quirk of the tracker is known.
Nice to hear you make the workaround, hopefully will these necessary alternate ways keep us on our toes to never ever get lazy :) Modular routing of effects will be welcome in the future though :) Damn good to hear about your progess. Im waiting eagerly for next development :)

Nic3 overcompressed track! Love the melody :)
One thing - you should take more experiments with that pumper (benassy-like) effect. To reach it you using only over-mix compressor. This is bad for your BassDrum, cause it sounds blured. If you’ll use hard side-chain compression till mix and easy mastering compression + limiting it would helps yor BD hits distinctly i suppose.
Another technic is - masked pumping. Is to send to compressor’s sidechain - invisible (inhearible) BDR sound, cloned from your main BDR groove. And leave your main BDR groove uncompressed.

Goodluck with this track! :)

P.S. Ain’t no sunshine sample you use in begining - it seems you forget about it to the end… Maybe it worth to remember about near the track end? ;)

this is a great song… although i’m not sure trance is the right style for your production methods… the beat is SO KICKASS house/ almost garage shuffley style, it would fit that genre (funky house or garage) a lot better than trance. also i love the breakbeat cutup at the end, although i’m not sure it really fits very well with the rest of the song

Thanks guys for juicy feedback, and as you say; this song if far from complete and as i’ve said i got some serious sound issues. It was too much for me to handle to go from skale to renoise, im still stuck with the mono sound image :P

Minor update mike: We’ve now got the deal, both with startime as management and record company, as startime here in norway is a subcompany of a larger english record company. We will do the signing in the beginning of may*. Im exited but i wont let out the tears before i’ve actually signed the paper :)

edit: wrote march* for some odd reason.

Can you say Prodigy goes eurotrance? From those two I only dig the former one but this cocktail truly works! Gets better towards the end.

hmm… :blink:

Cogratz with the deal!!!

so what’s going to happen for you? making an abum, gamemusic… or individual tracks?

good question, i know there will be gigs and hot babes, aside from that i dont know much yet :P

But ill keep u updated :)

Nice ideas in here a bit overcompressed and distorted overall for may taste. I like the vocal sample, I would try doubling the repeat rate at the build up (a bit more fat boy slim style) or just playing around with it a bit more.
Nice beat work overall, sounds like a very fitting trace lead to me. Good variation over the song.

Good work

keep em coming!

edit: Forgot to say Congrats on the deal! B)

That is great!! Im not surprised though, you guys wield a bold, strange talent there.

lol, thanks. I think? :P

Thanks, the overcompression is removed on my final version, however i rearranged the song a tad to make it more “presentable”. Well im lying now, i’ve somewhat kept the overcompression on the beats and stuck with a soft compression on the actual song :P

However i wont be making so much “trance” in the future as it pains my ears to hear my songs x times, it pains me even more to hear trance leads x times. So im trying a more rock-bigbeat approach to make it more presentable live, as we actual plan a live show aside from just hitting play and adding a random bassdrum or crash.