Air Race (future funk feat. Hatsune Miku)

Hi! Here is a song I’ve just submitted for MIKU EXPO 2020 song contest (submitted just before deadline end! :sweat_smile:). I used Hatsune Miku English trial version for this song.

Unfortunately I had a big lack of time to compose the song, so I made this really really quickly and I know it’s quite imperfect. But I think the whole track is still presentable.


You would be God in the 80s.Good work

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Man, what a clean sound.

Yeah, I thought it was full-on 80’s as well. Absolutely not my taste in music. But I went away and couldn’t get that bass rriff out my head. So I came back and listened again. The vocals just like glide over the top, complementing the track. Pretty impressive. I hope I can get this out my head overnight.

Good luck in the comp.

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Thanks you guys! I’ve made my best to make a decent song submission.

Funny when I runned Hatsune Miku VST in Renoise and viewed this VST come with a native pianoroll, I’m so inexperienced with this as I use 95% Renoise as DAW! :rofl::rofl::rofl: That was a challenge for me to compose the voice melodie with!

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