AirPods Pro with Renoise on M1 Mac

Hi, the title pretty much says it all :slight_smile:
Looks like something doesn’t really work with Renoise 3.4.2 when I run the output through my AirPods Pro.
This used to work on my Intel Mac before I switched to the Apple Silicon Mac.
Now, what happens is that when I switch output to the AirPods, it works for 3-4 seconds and then the sound is gone. Clicking reinitialize will bring back the sound for 3-4 seconds, but that’s all.

I know BlueTooth is not ideal for working on music, but I have a lot of time on the go and don’t want to buy wired headphones just for Renoise.

Any way to fix it on my end? Or is it a bug?


this happens to me as well, very annoying. if you’ve found a fix let me know. after switching from speakers to airpods as the out put it will work for 3 secs, glitch a little, then stop working. it prevents the airpods from working in other apps too! really hoping a fix comes soon.

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For now, switch to another audio interface, then switch to 44,1kHz and then switch back to the bluetooth audio interface again.

On Mac, I wonder if you can setup a Aggregate device in Audio Midi Setup and then select AirPods as an output there, and then select the aggregate multi out device from Renoise, if that that fixes it