AirPods Pro with Renoise on M1 Mac

Hi, the title pretty much says it all :slight_smile:
Looks like something doesn’t really work with Renoise 3.4.2 when I run the output through my AirPods Pro.
This used to work on my Intel Mac before I switched to the Apple Silicon Mac.
Now, what happens is that when I switch output to the AirPods, it works for 3-4 seconds and then the sound is gone. Clicking reinitialize will bring back the sound for 3-4 seconds, but that’s all.

I know BlueTooth is not ideal for working on music, but I have a lot of time on the go and don’t want to buy wired headphones just for Renoise.

Any way to fix it on my end? Or is it a bug?


this happens to me as well, very annoying. if you’ve found a fix let me know. after switching from speakers to airpods as the out put it will work for 3 secs, glitch a little, then stop working. it prevents the airpods from working in other apps too! really hoping a fix comes soon.

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For now, switch to another audio interface, then switch to 44,1kHz and then switch back to the bluetooth audio interface again.

On Mac, I wonder if you can setup a Aggregate device in Audio Midi Setup and then select AirPods as an output there, and then select the aggregate multi out device from Renoise, if that that fixes it

I had no luck with an aggregate device, or switching sample rate and interfaces. Sound works for 2 seconds after reinitializing, then flakes out. AirPods (1st gen and Pro 2nd gen) on M1 Pro Mac with Monterey and Renoise 3.4.2 arm64.

This is quite annoying and I hope a fix comes soon. The latency on the 2nd gen Pros seems to be pretty good, the 2 seconds that it works.

Ok, Audio Hijack works (Rogue Amoeba | Audio Hijack: Record Any Audio on MacOS).

For example, set system audio output to internal speakers.

Set output in Renoise to system speakers:

And in Audio Hijack, route Renoise audio to AirPods:
Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-01 um 17.31.57

Would still be nice if it worked out of the box with Renoise.

I’ve got the same issue. For me what seemed to help was to make sure the aggregate device and renoise are set to the same sample rate (48kHz for me).

I am seeing the same thing in Reaper, though. I think what may be happening is, the DAW is requesting a sample rate based on the user setting (in preferences). But for some reason, Airpods don’t seem to respond kindly to that and simply ignore the setting. This is in contrast to my soundcard, which happily changes sample rate based on the DAW setting.

So then there is a sample rate mismatch. If I instead set the DAW sample rate to match the Airpods setting, then things work as expected.

Yes, you have to set Renoise output’s samplerate to match the supported rate of your bluetooth headphones. This can be 44,1kHz or 48kHz. There is no way to samplerate convert here. Renoise currently lacks of a detection whether a bluetooth output actually supports the selected sample rate, that’s all. It should work fine, once you selected the proper sample rate. Note that you can’t switch the sample rate as long as you selected the bluetooth output, so first switch to a normal output, change the sample rate, and then switch back to the bluetooth device.

That worked, with 48 kHz for AirPods, thanks!