Airwindows plugins (Chris)

Following regularly Chris’s work from “airwindows” - free plugins, most of them are not conventional, but are free and awesome sounding, he has streaming on his channel weekly few times, explaining concepts of anything literally that people ask, beside his plugins, as he develops some hardware stuff as well.

My question here is: is there a good chance of implementing some of his plugins as native devices in renoise?
he has au, vst, lv2… for all platforms, so it seems not as a big deal to implement them?

And are people aware of his work? there are a lot devices very useful, and free ofc

Didn’t know about him but I just watched a vid explaining his plugin voicetrick.Thanks for letting us know about him he seems like a very nice guy.

he has video streams like every monday and tuesday ( if i remember correctly ) where you could join his youtube stream and ask whatever you want tho. Very awesome guy, specially when he explains acoustics, electric circuts, condensers, there are a lot of useful discussions indeed, + plugins are free! :slight_smile:

What would be the benefit of doing this? What functionality does it add that doesn’t already exist?

really, there is no obvious benefit, but for example “point” could be added as a transient shaper ( because there is no native device (i know, you can workaround either by layering or creating signal follower > gain (or eq for multiband expansion alike))). IronOxide is good “tape alike” saturation stuff, there is “slew” which is awesome too…

Airwindows Consolidated

Here you go, all Airwindows plugins in one suite, also for VST3 and CLAP. Updated weekly and free (open source even) of course.


Holy shit, finally! His plugins are great, but trying to keep up with them is equivalent to a full-time job.