AKAI/Giga import

It would save me the trouble using the VstSampler and go around it.
It also saves me the trouble of ripping the AKAI samples and span the sample sets across multiple instruments.
And it saves me diskspace i don’t need to waste for extra RNI’s with Akai samples.
And i can have more AKAI cd-images upon 1 DVD.

Hopefully This feature can be done with CDimage support like .nrg, .bin, .ccd, .iso etc…

Bwing it on!

@Alexander M. Korn

or use Kompakt/Kontakt … u can import gig’s without problems into the Native
Instrument sampler-VSTi’s …

i know gigastudio is nice … i used it with MED Soundstudio a long time …but … the
VSTi-samplers are now better than the good old gigastudio

unfortunately not, i really need the memory saving discstreamroutine of a gigasudio, i only own 1gb of ram, and if you check the vst-gig plugins they load the gig’s into ram afaik. i only have tested halion and halion always f****ed up by importing peter s librarys, but i doesnt have tested kontakt or kompakt or whatever is hip today ;)

Native Instrument Kontakt has a HDDstream optional module.
You can enable/disable it by pressing a button.

*.gig import:

which Kontakt version are you using?
I’ve used 1.1. and 1.2, and both support GIG files. They appear in the file browser with a little “gig” icon on the left. I load the and everything goes fine.

I’ve tried the GigaPiano light which came with my soundcard and it loaded correctly.

HDD stream option:
yes I’ve told you: it is an added module you have to downlaod separately.
As a registered user, I’ve downloaded it from NI site, but I don’t think it should be very hard to download it elsewhere.

on Kontakt per MIDI channel:
yes, this is true for every VSTi when used into ReNoise.

i’ve tried kontakt demo 1.1 , (i was the guest writer) . i can only doubbleklick on gig-files and get the keysplitted wavfiles . now i’ve found the solution, i must choose the programm-folder and load them, this works 8)

btw, one kontakt per instrument is real heavy, i’ve only a 2500 barton ;) i try to compose orchestral styled scores, and therefore i need often about mor than 20-30 instruments simoultaneously .
currently i test how much kontakts i can have together, i afraid not to much ;)

my p3 733 (R.I.P.) was able to cope with 6-7 kontakt instances at a time.

I don’t know what is the limit for my new PC (P4 3ghz), and I hope I will never find it :)

if you need so much instances, you could try by loading Kontakt standalone (no VSTi) and control it via MIDI, by assigning each soundbank to a different MIDI channel, and setting up MIDI instruments into ReNoise.

I’m not really a MIDI expert, so I can just assume this is possible; you can set MIDI channel in Kontakt at the bottom left corner of the dark box where the name of the soundbank is written. The default is MONI (all channels).

Load more than one soundbank (you can do it by dragging the bank name in an empy space on the instrument panel) and assign each one to a different channel.

so, i’ve tested kontakt with DFD support: maybe it really stream the sounds from HDD, but the memory monitor shows that the gigapatched are stored in RAM, the patches are very, very very big, 50-70 mb per instrument is normal, so not more than 10 patches could be loaded. not really usefull . (and i’ve checked all patches if the DFD button was activated, but no memory was given free!)

to use kontakt as standalone aplication doesn’t solve the memory problem.

the mainproblem which me really prevent using kontakt for real professionell orchestration with gigalibrarys is, that it takes ages to open a programm and load a patch or simply create a new instrument with kontakt .
for example : opening and loading a vota2 female choir patch needs exakt 90seconds to do this. and everytime if i create a new new konaktinstrument and try to load a new gig patch i must fight against the small patchbrowser and must wait again ages to open a patch and load them.
btw, i’ve tested a short arrangement and the result is very well, but with this little 10 instrumentsetup my memory is eaten up and not much cpu-time is left.
( mystifie.mp3 900kb)

so kontakt isnt a alternative to gigastudio or a good gig instrument directsupport by renoise ;) especially not for 399 bucks which native wants to get for ;)