Akai Lpk25 Or Korg Nanokey 2?

I’m considering buying one of these 2 keyboards for use in renoise and wondered if anyone had an opinion about which is the better of the 2?

Tempted by the lpk25 at mo because of the arpeggiator but Luke the extra compactness of the nanometer.

Akai for life
btw typing is hard? you better get a bigger one anyway. :P

I like my LPK25 :) It’s a very good starter midi keyboard. I haven’t used the Nanokey 2 so I can’t compare but… the Akai is a good solid choice. And I think I’d certainly get on a lot better with my LPK25 over the nanokey… it looks kinda awkward to use.

before you buy, have a look at the Akai MPK MINI.

Haha! I have a good excuse - typing with one hand on mobile phone with 7 week old baby on my shoulder, as I am now!

I already have the nanokontrol so don’t need the extra knobs, nice piece of kit tho!

Anyway, I think you both confirmed akai is the one to go for

You can never get enough knobs! The ‘mini’ is only about 10-20 euros/dollars/pounds more than the other two. Can’t go wrong with it!

I have just bought an MPK mini second hand off amazon marketplace for a ridiculously good price that was maybe a little too good to be true. We’ll see if it actually turns up and works now!

i also bought this mpk mini for full price, i liked the combination of small keyboard + those classic mpc pads … but actually for
experimenting with drums i useed the pc keyboard and the drumkit of renoise … much easier and you got like 20 possible keys
to play with…

The deal was too good to be true… but I have now ordered from somewhere reputable and got it new for £60, chuffed with that!

Wooo! MPK mini just arrived - it’s even smaller than I thought!

Now to figure out how to get it to work with renoise…

The pads aren’t so sensitive as I’d like so I’ll mod it at some point as per http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TS4FdBnLJQ / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvn5VNtbZ2k

I found this to be the case as well. The pads don’t feel quite as nice as, say the MPC 2000 pads. In retrospect, I’d rather have just keys and knobs, a combination which doesn’t seem to exist at the ‘nano’ weight/form factor. I like the MPK mini overall, but my other gripes are:

  • velocity curve is almost a step function
  • arp would kickass even more if I could change octaves without stopping

My nano key broke really easily… the keyboard buttons started to fall out after about three months. just saying…

That sucks … I was hoping the upped the quality with the newer models…