Akai Lpk25

hey renoisers … maybe someone here is a proud owner of the akai lpk25 and could tell me if he thinks its good product for renoise? tnx

I’ ve got it and i love it

way better than Korg Nanokey for build quality and at least it looks like a keyboard… :slight_smile:

if you want to buy an Lpk25 i suggest you to go for the MPKmini (it’s Lpk25+LPD8 together)


cool, and all the recordings of the touch pads are going straight to the pattern editor?

of course

you can assign everything on the pad from note message to program change and even control change and record into renoise

cool tnx alot:)

Hm, I haven’t noticed such features in LPK Editor…

CC’s and PC’s are assignable only on LPD8 or Mpk mini… (the one with pads in short)

the editor is pretty straight forward

for each pad you can assign note, PC and CC as in the pic - look inside the squares

I have it also but i’ve missed the Modwheel and a Transpose-Feature. So i’ve got the Alesis Q25 its a bit bigger,with modwheel and transpose. Cost just a few bug more. Both work fine with Renoise.

I had the lpk but now I have the akai mini. LOVE IT!
If I want to do chords its possible but when I want to do my drums/samples mpc style I have the pads available.
Also if I want to do some automation I have 8 knobs I can use.
Can’t do without it now.