Akai mini MK3 Midi Controller/Keyboard

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Anyone got this piece of hardware working with Renoise?

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I’ve been using the mkII for a while.

I would assume this device is also USB-MIDI class-compliant and should Just Work as well.

Thanks, that is interesting to know.

I would be more reassured if anyone could confirm the MK3 completely works with Renoise as well. For example, does the MK2 has ‘relative’ rotary knobs as the MK3 has?

Another question, if you don’t mind, what operating system are you using with Renoise and the MK2/3 ?

I don’t think there’s an option to set the knobs as relative.

I’m using mine on Windows 10 Pro

I meant: Continuous rotary controls - that’s something new, isn’t it?

I talked to someone from Akai and he reassured me that Renoise is supported, however, he couldn’t guarantee it work with Linux.

I got the hardware as a Chrimbo gift a while back - the knobs are particularly useful in terms of midi control. I still don’t know how to program samples parallel to the keyboard part AND pad part desperately.

Thanks! I can confirm the device is working with Linux.

Drumpads are working fine with the keyzone assignment section, putting the samples right under the pads note. Maybe it is possible to split the keyboard section to have Pads / Keys with one instrument, using a higher octave for the keyboard assignment.

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I am interested in buying this controller (mk3) as well. If you be so kind to make a report after you fiddle with it.

Especially interested if can I use those knobs on selected instrument macro/doofer?

Yup, I can confirm both and I currently think this was a well spent investment!

I have replaced an old M-Studio midi keyboard, which was mostly used for live tweaking instrument / filter parameters. This MK3 doesn’t only take a less room, but does a better job at this: the rotary buttons are not absolute (continuous) which is a lot less hassle and, unlike noted in many reviews of the Arturia mini keyboard, the signals of the Akai don’t jump up and down. The knobs are detected in the midi map mode. I have tested this with RN3.3.2 under Linux. Support for other well known OS’s are mentioned in the user manuals.

In the default mode (there are programs/modi for other specific DAW’s) the pads are received as normal note keys in some octave. I managed to create a instrument and link the different drum samples to the pads in the keyzone editor. A small limit might be that all the pad’s samples need to be in one instrument - I didn’t find another method for this.

I haven’t used the build in arpeggiator much yet, there are quite a few settings possible and looks like a nice feature, but I’m not sure if this can be recorded in a pattern.

One thing I was curious for was the track automation recorder. With the built in instrument and effects this works as expected. To record some specific parameter from an (external) VST instrument I had to create an intermediate ‘Instr. Automation’ effect.

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