Akai Mpd With Renoise

Anyone out there who uses MPD with renoise? I bought MPD 32 just recently and is on my way with making it work with renoise. i have some issues that i have not given up on being able to fix myself… but there is one thing that realy does my head in…

I have been able to start the tracker from the mpd by pressing play, which is great. but i have still not been able to turn rec on and off in renoise by pressing rec on the mpd.

I noticed that you can turn MMC on and off in renoise… but i have still not been able to get rec to work.
is it posible otherwise to assign a knob or midi-note turning rec on and off? It would be an alternative, but i would realy prefer to have the rec button for it.

Do you know which MMC commad the MPD sends when you hit the record button?

There are only these

F0 7F xx 06 06 F7 = MMC Punch In
F0 7F xx 06 07 F7 = MMC Punch Out
F0 7F xx 06 08 F7 = MMC REC PAUSE

record related MMC commands, which we currently ignore because those do not really make sense in Renoise.