Akai MPK Mini Play Keyboard Controller- Makes noise all own its own

This looks pretty slick:


I already have the MPK mkII mini and really like it. The prices seems good too, good enough that I might buy this version as well.

“Use the internal speaker or plug in your headphones for hours of creative fun. Use any of the 25 velocity-sensitive keys with access to 128 instrument sounds or any of the 8 famed Akai drum pads with the 10 built-in drum kits.”

Need to see just how programmable it is.

I Neurogami,

i just got the play version of the MPK as i wanted a compact midi keyboard to control my renoise instrument.

The standard MKii version should be sufficient but i thought i might like also to be able to play and prepare some sequences during my very frequent travels…

Unfortunately, this Play version is not really good at that…

The integrated speaker is not that good, it’s not a big issue as i wanted to use my headset with it.

But the worst issue is there is no sequencer in this PLAY version, so yes you can play the internal synths and drums , but only play its.

You’ll never be able to program any sequences with your sounds, and i believe it’s a big missing function.

I mean, what will be the use of this internal sounds if you cannot even loop them…???

And so now Neurogami, you know that it is not programmable at all…sorry

So my conclusion is i should have stick with the standard MKP MKii version as i will not use the PLAY version’s extra unusable features…

At least the good point is i can use the pads on a different channel than the keys, so i might control my DrumStation with the pads , while using the keys for the actual selected instrument/sample…