Akema Dubs

Heya, ive just been reading through the forums and really cannot believe i havent been here already yet! So much varied music on here, and a vast ammount of knowledge!! great stuff!

Anyways, ive been producing on renoise for about 8/9 months now and totaly love the program. I guess i make dubstep ish style music. Around the 140 bpm mark, with minimal beats / bass ect. And am getting to the point where im trying to get some constructive feedback from people. So if you are not even into dubstep or dont even know what it is, id still love to hear what you think about my music!

Many Thanks


(have newest things up on myspace with some high quality tunes on soundcloud and virb)


love your ambiental dubstep sound :)

hey man love your beats, heard them on the echodub compilation a while back. Just added you on myspace, I make similar stuff.