Akp Instrument Support

Hi there,

I think it would be good to add AKP file loading support to Renoise.
AKP is somehow similar to XRNI because it differentiates ‘sample’ files from ‘instrument file’ in directory structure (XRNI is zipped, AKP is not) so I probably there would be no significant problem with that.

There is a lot of professional sound kits in AKP format and it is cumbersome to manually load waves and map all the notes.

If there is no other way I can write some converting utility (AKP->XRNI) and even publish source code but I was thinking if there is a chance that such a feature could be integrated in Renoise.

first we need to support at least multilayering (i.e.: more than one sample for the same note), otherwise such a conversion would be almost useless

Hmmm, that is true…but lack of multilayering is another problem :). Actually I switched to Renoise from Skale and I miss it very much.
Anyhow, It would be nice to hear that AKP will be available sometime.

I didn’t know Skale can import AKP.

well, in this case, if Skale can save to XI an imported AKP, you can looad the XI into Renoise, as Renoise does load XM/XI files.

Another way is to use Extreme Sample Converter, which support both XRNI an AKP.

Very true, multilayering would be a big progress !


As far as I remember it was added in 0.81 (just as many other interesting features like decreased crash-factor :D ). Anyway - Skale is dead.

Hmmm…sounds like good advice but as you have mentioned, multilayered information is discarded that way.

multilayering would be sweet :dribble: