as you may have seen, Bantai is going to reach 1.000 posts on this forum.

This will mean that he will reach the elite status of
“Tibet Guruh Motha Fakka is Levitating and Knows Everything in Renoise Member”.

As I don’t think there should be someone at my same status, I feel the URGE for a new user lever for people with more than 1.500 messages <_<

Congratulations, Bantai

How about Gaylord Focker Member?

you feel better now ?

get a life. (a religious one, preferably)

OMG… Seems Bantai has gone past me. Gotta report more bugs. Or I’ll just post pointless posts like this instead to keep up :lol:

well, it-alien was unstoppable right from the start, but there was a time when I was right behind him … then you and bantai came along … well, give it a rest johan, maybe start playing one of those webbrowser games to be the best :) or simply do music :D

I like it cause you don’t know whether it’s an insult or a compliment. :D

Not human member is simply awesome!!

It-Alien: are you sure you don’t turn into a wolf during full moon nights now??

thanks pulsar, I really feel more comfortable into my new status :)

“not human” is meant like this:

(this horrible picture was taken in 1996 when I make my first website which was even more trashy than the new one (built in 1999)).

It is the only one picture which surivived to the restyling of my site, because it really deserved it :)

and… congratulations again, Bantai: you reached your final objective :drummer:

I think “not human” is not so funny as “tibeth guru…” thingy :).

Anyway, I don’t stande a chance in this race :(. Too bad there are no user levels on CTG forums, where I have over 2600 replies :rolleyes:

pah. and pah again. :D

GOD rules :w00t:

Which god? We have two of them here ;)

btw. It-Alien:

Not human member doesn´t fit I think. Better fitting would be definatly something like “The Melodic Trancer” or “The Tibet Guruh who gets you in Trance with his special Melodic Trance whilest having more posts than Bantai who is a Mootha fakking Tibet Guruh which is levitating and knows everything in Renoise Member” :rolleyes:


ah yeah… congrats Bantai :D

Hmm, seems that I will stay a developer my whole life then. sigh …

nah. you can become a “Tibet Guruh Motha Fakka is Levitating and Know Everything in Renoise Developer” !

As I see it the developer is like above everyone.

They are so high ín hierarchy that they even cannot be judged and compared in terms which other forum posters are. They are the Ultimate Renoise Titans.

But I guess I know why, if, you developers feel like that your status is not as it should. It’s the lack of capital letters. See?

renoise developer  
``` or ```  
Renoise Developer  
``` ?  
e:btw. Anyone can achieve 1500 posts, but there's always only one no. 1000 ![:P](https://files.renoise.com/forum/emoticons/default/tongue.gif)  
e2: as there is always only one no. 573 and no. 125 and no. 333... ![<_<](https://files.renoise.com/forum/emoticons/default/dry.gif)

eh… like…yeah!

Anyone for ice cream now? :eek:

It-Alien is ATB’s biggest fan…