Album made in Renoise: "Resonance"

Hi, Dry Eyes here. I’ve been making music on trackers and other DAWs for nearly 20 years on and off. I like the power of DAWs, but getting down and dirty with a tracker has always been a favorite thing of mine to do. So obviously, Renoise was a good fit, so I finally took the time to get good with it.

I use Linux, so no VSTs for me! But even though this is a limitation it inspired me to use the samples found in the hosted on, so all the samples used are from there, with heavy effects.

I have many releases under the name Dry Eyes and other names, and the music ranges from post-industrial to harsh noise to ambient to improvisational, experimental, drone, etc. This particular release is more musical than many of mine, more accessible although a bit on the melancholy side. Unlike my other releases, there’s a 70’s Tangerine Dream influence that’s crept in on some tracks that mixes well I think with the vibe, as I was listening to albums like Zeit, Phaedra, and Rubycon (which I highly recommend!)

I love Renoise and I’m using it to make another album for a different project as well!

The album is freely downloadable at:

All donations go to UNHCR charity for refugees

There’s some hand-made cassette tapes available too, profits go to charity as well.