Album release : Chemeleon's "My Imaginary Friend"

Once upon a time, now and then, an album is released of such Earth shattering significance that the subsequent explosion creates rainbow time-ripples in the multiverse. Chemeleon’s “My Imaginary Friend” is a timeless work, entirely self published and free to download. Your feedback is requested

I won’t say much about it… I think maybe I’m a little too verbose sometimes. Anyway, here it is :wink:


Good work man,there is something about your music i cant explain it.Something weird but appealing.You have your own style and thats a very good thing


Thank you for the replies, always brightens my day to hear people’s thoughts and reactions :sunny:

Stoiximan, I really value your support (you’re one of a handful of people) and appreciate your continued input, think you’re awesome. Haha.

EatMe, I find it interesting that you mentioned Banana Bomb. That’s a track I thought would be overlooked by the average listener for it’s instrumental nature, but thinking about it, the reason there aren’t any vocals is because it was musically pleasing and tons of fun to make on its own terms. Only thing I’m not so happy with is the bass patch / bassline, room for improvement, but was difficult to know how exactly to approach that.

Had a few listens coming from this forum (actual listens not skippy reactions) so that is promising to me. It’s my most substantial work and my music, I guess has always been unique, but has evolved in this direction organically over time. Doesn’t feel like I made it ‘intentionally’ and reflects a part of me I didn’t know existed.

Anyways, thanks for the support, people are the reason I make it so it’s nice to know it’s not been left on the shelf unopened :slight_smile:

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I’m one of those with skippy reactions ::wink: but because I’m actually at work :stuck_out_tongue:
But i will have a real listening ASAP , some bits with the voice have some kind of Tim Exile “vibe”. Sounds very cool.

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I also like Banana Bomb. Really cool sounds!

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