Album Release

first album i have created exclusively in renoise:

anyway i see alot of hits to the bandcamp have been generated from here, if you like what you hear, download it, if you cant pay anything, enter 0 for the payment amount, it will still let you DL it, peace!

wow i cant believe no one commented yet… i for one am enjoying these songs a lot.

a little strange… just the way i like it ;]

congrats on the release

I’m only a few tracks in, but I really like this too. Thanks also for the sensible pricing structure!

Keep up the good work.

awesome! im really glad people are enjoying this stuff, i’ll be releasing an ep in the near future that i will have completely open to renoise users, ie: i will be releasing the fulll XRNS files and not using any third party plugins so anyone can go and do remixes and such. again thanks for the positive feedback and spread the word to anyone you know who enjoys this kind of stuff.