Album released today, I Made in Renoise

My new album, Wonder & Suspicion in Cryptomnesia, was released today by Australian netlabel,

It’s free to dl & stream

Made in Renoise 3.2.1 in Windows
also shoutout to the 7Pad and Chordbot android apps that I also used in the songwriting process.

Here are a couple of music videos from the album:


This is nice! I like these songs ambience, airy with a faraway nostalgic feeling.

I’m not sure I’m fan about the 20 kbps compression… I would have prefered something like a tape-recording, even on an old tape, that would have gave I warmed sound, but it’s a personal taste.

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Gave a quick listen and like the overall sound – dreamy, hazy, lo-fi – reminds me of Sparklehorse (RIP) or early Beck recordings. I’ll listen more – keep up the great work and congrats on the release!

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Thank you for taking your time to check it out and share your feedback Fabrice and Ted, I appreciate it!

Ha I just understood that 20 kbps is the name of the label, not the real compression rate! Sorry! :upside_down_face:
But that seems there is something downsampled in. Anyway, pleasant album!

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Ha I just understood that 20 kbps is the name of the label, not the real compression rate! Sorry!
But that seems there is something downsampled in.

Yes lol, and I made the album to be 20kbps ogg vorbis format in celebration of 20kbps Recordings, which is my favorite netlabel and lobit netlabel of all time

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“I Can Only” sounds kinda like one of my favorite kind of Post Rock/Shoegaze bands, named “Slowdive”. Maybe you know them.Really good, I like the mood. Keep it up! :+1:

“The First Battle of Bull Run” sounds like a mixture of Johnny Cash and Alternative Rock combined with Shoegaze, which I also like, but I clearly prefer “I Can Only”. Anyway, I’m always fascinated when someone creates a guitar song on a tracker, so: It’s cool! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for your feedback TNT.
Also, Slowdive is one of my favorite bands and I’m delighted that you noticed that I wore their influence on my sleeves when recording I Can Only!

Recording guitars and vocals in Renoise with the #Line Input device seems to be intuitive for the way I tend to be producing lately. Usually my guitar and vocal parts are between 1 to 4 patterns long… occasionally 8 patterns or more. So I don’t really need to rewire renoise to another daw for recording and multitracking. I just ‘plug’ into renoise via #Line and have fun manipulating what I record with DSPs and collected VST effects

Awesome awesome awesome! I love these songs.

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Very nice tracks man Congrats.I know you are trying for a signature sound and to my ears you have achieved that but like other songs of yours that I listened to i would like a little bit cleaner vocals,not much because it could destroy the overall feel of the tracks.

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Thank you orrigans for listening and your feedback!

stoixman Thank you for checking them out and I appreciate your constructive critism very much. My brother, also a musician, has been telling me the same thing about the vocals. This is good to know and am working on ways to fix this

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its about american history, civil war?

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yeah, one of the songs on the album is about the first battle of the American Civil War. Wikipedia helped me with the lyrics