Album. Ron Gallipoli. AGROKOMPLEX

Hey all.

I’ve just released an album called AGROKOMPLEX.

It was about 75% completed in Renoise.

Why should you be interested?

Well, there are lotsa guys here (and it is always guys) making breakbeat/jungle/chiptune etc.

and those influences are in AGROKOMPLEX, at times

but it’s more ambient/industrial/vocal/even pop.

Also, I’m successfully performing it live (with Renoise). It can be done. extra thanks to Danoise for some tweaks that helped there!

If it sounds like it might be your kinda thing, have a listen here:


Ron G.

Amazing work! This is a bitterly social electronic even close to satire. Music is deliberate, meaning that the fast speed of the modern life can bring you nowhere but on the graveyard. At times music is monotonous, at times it’s diaphonic, sometimes it’s glitching, but it still has a single pattern. Vocal increases the reigning atmosphere of comedy. The artist is right: there is no better way to cool down than to laugh at the problem and write a song or even an album about it. In some way it is more productive than taking up arms and going to kill all humans. All tracks are great but I prefer Strangelwerk, The Night She Gorged On Diamonds and Like Dried Peach Halves. The first one is special with its piano sound, the second one has this amanita-psychedelic-trance pattern, and the third one catches with its dub aura. Whatever this album is, tropical-industrial, urban-dub, or social-comedy electronic, it is a masterpiece.

This is some nice stuff man. Not the sort of thing I’d usually listen to but the production is nice, even though it’s mainly electronic you get some interesting organic sound through processing.

… it is a masterpiece.

also just wanted to say thank you for giving out feedback to everyone on the forum as much as you do! It means a lot to everyone that you take the time to listen and give such detailed analysis, especially on an emotional level. You’re a good man! Maybe you should start a blog reviewing your favourite music? Could end up with a nice red panda presents: style compilation of tracks!

haha anyway, cheers!

yep, your ears are appreciated redpanda

It’s all about music. It’s interesting to see the picture which the author was painting in his mind. The works posted at this forum are great cause they show the strong creative element, the spark, the desire to create. It’s written from the heart and that is why it is sincere. The thing of no little interest is that this music is perceived as a cure from masscult.

very cool stuff… i like the effects on stranglewerk a lot