Alesis Andromeda

I remember drooling on it when it came out. A real analog synth, man… I was envious.

Now I was wondering if any one here ever tried it and what they thought. Not that I want to buy one B), I don’t have access to a rich widow, but I’m curious.

i think hardware is less and less used… its all about software now

Yep. Check out Albino 3 for example. Very good.

Well, there’s no softVAs that could kick my Novation’s ass! None! The modulation matrix is just brilliant!

in about 10 years hardware will have a big comeback ;)

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Word on the street is that it’s very hard to program. Even advanced synth patch engineers have problems to get the sound they want out of it. This is not just because of the sheer amount of possibilities, but more because the range of each value is far wider than for example in a Virus synth. It supposedly has a good filter overdrive, which in combination with unison, you can get a beefy sound. Its clean oscillator output isn’t as thick as a Minimoog though.

Ten years? There is nothing above a steppingless analogue synth bud…
Programmers might be able to increase resolutions and values to finer figures, but will never be able to reach variable potentiometer combinations.
Hardware synths will always be better above software, besides they are also a lot warmer than digital rendered audio.

You can mask some of it’s sharpness with filters and EQ, but never come close enough to the real thing.

never say never ;)

even now software has come pretty close… and if you take into account flexibility and ease of use then hardware wount have any chance soon :) except for those nostalgic reasons

Most hardware synths these days are software driven anyway… so really there isn’t a difference besides the fact that when you record you hardware you add noise to the signal path when recording.

I mean yeah the a6 is analogue, but it is digitaly controlled if I am correct. All that warmth and subtle difference between va’s and real analogues is lost in the mix. To be honest software has come so far that I could care less what gets used for my synthesis, and for the money, a soft synth will give you alot more flexibility and can do crazier things.

But I do have to say I like meat and potatoes knobs and keys without the fuss of programming midi controllers.

I’ve heard that a sawtooth has all harmonics. How, then, does it end up sounding even phatter if put through subtle distortion, or detuned layering?

Bacause not all harmonics are at the same level.

10 years?! In 10 years we will all be fat grandfathers watching TV 24 hours a day, so who cares, let’s use software synths :)

I watch TV 24 hours a day while using renoise right now…

Well, good luck with becoming a grandfather in 10 years! :D

I hope I wont be a grandfather in ten years. would be angry if my daughter got pregnant with 18.

however, in about 40 years I imagine myself sitting with all my friends in the basement of some retirement-home, smoking blunts and listening to bob marley and stuff. later in the evening I might DJ with some vinyl. yeah.

ha ha! i was about to say the same thing if my son got somebody pregnant @ the age of 12!