Aliases Names In The Vsti Dropdown Box

what about replacing “Instr. 00” as a name for VSTi aliases in
VST properties => Instrument dropdown box?
with the actual instrument name?

It would help identify the instruments much faster.

Well, if you only have one original open, you are right, but what if you have two instances open?
Which of the two did you alter to alias? One or both? And if both, in which of the two has the desired instrument to use in the alias?

I’m not sure you got what I meant.

What I would like to see in the alias list, is the name which is written in the instruments box (if any).

A good compromise could be this naming format:
VSTi name - (number) - instrument name

for example, the 0A alias in the above figure would be:
Kontakt2 - (0A) - drums

Okay sorry then i got you wrong indeed, i admit i have read it a couple of times because i felt something about my interpretation wasn’t right but i couldn’t figure it out.

educate me please, what are aliases good for? never used this

Very simple:
Pick a Sampler VSTI, add in a 200MB sample-library that contains 16 different multilayered instruments.
Now you want to use two instruments of that library what are you gonna do:
Add another VSTI sampler instance and have this 200MB library loaded in it again (so your instruments now take 400MB of RAM) or you route that particular instrument to a different channel and add an alias to that particular VSTI instance and have an alias playing a different instrument through the VSTI sampler’s internal program management.

It is all about space preservation. Disadvantage is that the track effects you apply are applied to the original VSTI and it’s alias instruments. So if the VSTI sampler has internal effects that could be set individually upon each instruments, it’s better to use those than trying to let Renoise apply an FX chain to one of them, because the rest will be affected too.