Alien Interview

Have you seen this… weird tv show?!

[UFO Area 51 - The Alien Interview 01]

great story (: It has seven parts, I just couldn`t stop watching it! There is even a video of it. Could be a hoax, but it is very well done anyway and very, very interesting.

After you see this, watch out for this one:

[the expanding universe 1 of 4 the big bang] - great rendered graphics about how small we are…

p.s. if you want some more interesting videos I added to my profile, check it here:


i thought it was going to be an interview of it-alien ;)

same :(

i think it was indeed interview with IT-Alien :)

I thought the whole conscept really apeared fake, but still somewhat entertaining.

Yeah i thought so too, i’m disappointed the naggers don’t recognize him.

hehe. Thats why I put it in offtopic. Btw, this Alien interview is really amazing story, even if it is fake.

It is amusing and it keeps you watching all episodes, but i don’t really buy it.

me too… I wanted to hear about renoise…

im 100% sure that we are not alone in the universe. I dont think that our planet is sooo unique and only here life is possible and on other planets in countless other galaxyes the laws of nature is so different that life is impossible.

But i doubt that aliens have visited the earth and i doubt that those videos are real and that there are aliens in area 51. First of all, the distances are too long to travel, unless alien tech is sooo advanced that they can travel much much faster than the speed of light. But if they really are so advanced then i doubt that they are crashing here on planet earth. Besides, if they are visiting earth there would be some solid proof by now, not just a couple of strange videos with questionable quality to speculate about

The video of the alien being interrogated could be “real” in my eyes (the one without the audio), if it hadn’t been for that alien going “I don’t wanna give away too much information, I’m afraid my identity will be recognised”. Alright, You don’t see too much of his face, because it’s in the shades, but you can still see the outlines of his face, and the shape of his head, and from what I could tell, you wouldn’t have ANY problem picking this guy out from a crowd.

Just look for the guy with the head shaped like a flys and long hair sticking out of his face.

One other thing, the voice of the interviewer, and the way he asked questions, immediately after getting the responds from the alien, tells me that this guy has the whole conversation in front of him, on a notebook, written down in advance.

But very entertaining!

Had to watch the whole thing :lol:

he wasnt alien :) he was a man (human) who claimend he has a video of an interview with alien… And they said that his face was disguised and then put into shade so i guess the description you gave was the part of that desguise…

But as i said i dont buy it…

Isnt that interesting: when we saw first UFO sightings back in 1945... their space crafts looked more like a german helmets. Today UFO's are much better "designed", even aliens themselves changed their face design to a better one. Story sounded great [especially that part where they say they actually dont die but just change their energy status.] I would like to believe this was real, but, unfortunatelly - ti all looked to me as a high-end hollywood movie…