Alien7 - Never hold me down

Hope you guys like it. :)

I was actually hoping you would do a complete arpeggiation of your voice to add some new old-skool limited choir effect… if you are already half-way why not just go for the whole ride?

Could you give me some tips on what filter effects to use to get that effect going on?

Filters to achieve pitch arpeggiation? :huh:/>

Cuold you post maybe an example soundcloud link to show me what you mean?

Just apply Axx (values 37, 47 or something similar) effect on your vocal samples for a fast example, then do a bit more controlled that using phrases.

Cool tune and behind that awful autotune effect (yeah, I’m quite the hater… it just doesn’t work for me) is a nice sounding voice! Would like to hear clear vocals as well ;)

You never hear vocals from the chiptune kids, so this is a cool combo. Ha…2:15 is sweet! I am still on board with the extreme auto-tuning. Thanks again for the patch and remix last week. :walkman: