alignment in duplex control-maps

Hi there,

is it possible to align elements in the columns or rows of a duplex control-map xml file, like the GUI elements in a renoise tool? Or does this only work automatically?

Is the parameter list in the duplex manual up to date? If not, where do I find a complete list for all possible xml-parameters?

Is it possible to decorate duplex applications with standard GUI elements? If so, is there a good example or documentation for this?

Thank you in advance!

The options you can specify in a control map are documented in the accompanying documentation for the controlmap class. Note that the alignment options are not meant as a 1:1 representation of the lua viewbuilder API, this would in most cases simply not be needed. For example, you don’t get a drop down control because no hardware controller has this sort of thing. Features have generally been added as the need has manifested itself.

Of course, everything within the limits of the API can be done, but It’s easily confusing how to do it. A guiding principle of Duplex has been to separate hardware widgets that represent the actual hardware, as opposed to UI components that are more abstract in nature (creating faders from multiple buttons while not having to create specialized application logic for such a case).

One example of a highly custom UI widget could be the on-screen keyboard. The API does not offer such a thing, so there was a need to create this from scratch (it’s using multiple buttons and spacers in combination). Other, more basic controls could simply be based on the existing functionality - there isn’t much conceptual difference between a drop down and a encoder - they both represent a single value within a certain range.

Thank you, I found the documentation in theDuplex.ControlMap.html ! (FYI, in the documentation header there, the “aspect” flag for buttons is not described.)

I was also wondering more about the possibility to display text and/or pictures in in the custom control maps, to make they appear more fancy or display some status information.

For example, the actual selected instrument name or such…

Is this already there or do I have to write something like a UIText and UIPic class?

Of course, a combination would suit me best, create a lua tool with a certain functionality and look, make it midi mappable, then construct a duplex app for that tool and an accompanying controlmap. Hide the controlmap, focus on the hardware controller and read status info from screen…

Since I have fairly few experience in lua and try still to wrap my head around the renoise API, duplex and lua itself, I am not there… Please have patience with my slow brain :badteeth: