All In One Synth


I’ve been playing around with Renoise in Linux and it’s very stable. All those FX as well…they are really good.
It’s much better than using wine and Renoise. I always get crackles using anything with wine. Not to mention vst plugs can be dodgy sometimes.

It’s a shame there’s no built in Synth in Renoise that could load soundfonts and you could shape the sounds. It would mean being able to e.g. load a general midi bank in one song or whatever takes your fancy.

I suspect this would take a lot of work…and you may say why bother when there are plugins…

Alot of the Linux vst or dssi plugins don’t seem to be able to be automated…from what I can see…which is a bit frustrating. I loaded in a piano soundfont and couldn’t change the ADSR…

I know it’s early days yet for Linux Renoise and DSSI…so patience is required.

Anyway I was thinking about it tonight whilst playing with it.

A few years ago Newstyle did the Axs tracker. That had a great little synth in it. Do you think Renoise would benefit from this or is it wasted development with the plugins around?

theres been alot of talk around these forums about if renoise should have a native synth,try and search the foum abit

I think Renoise would definitely benefit by having a native synth!
One reason is that it would make a much more full solution for producing on Linux, and secondly (connected to that), songs could be self contained even if synth sounds are used (from the built in one then), which is one of the main ideas of trackers (the self-containdness of songs).


lets keep this in one topic.

but why were at it me personally instead of a native sytnh(like the noisetrekker 303)i would rather have different noise devices,so instead of a shitty synth,(that already exist in vst form)and wouldnt bring anything new to renoise

then have "modular"noise devices i dont wanna explain in this thread theres already a good bundle of them in the forum,but theres NO need what so ever for a native 303 synth,i guess thats my point

Well, if you look at the other thread about it, you can see that I explained why there definitely IS a need for a native synth! I also explained why the “it exists in VST form already” argument is only satisfactory if you are working on Windows (if satisfactory at all).


Sorry everyone I need to go back and see what has said before about this subject.

I double this! You are right with the hint about the “it exists inVST form already”.
We have three OS and a modular synth would be useable, becaus you can share your work with others on other platforms.
If it start with basic modules it can grow after time to a massive rich tool-case. If this is also open for scripting it would be cool.

+1000 for modular synth/sampler/granular stuff with script to change block

Not looking forward to a fixed native synth/303-clone, however oscillator meta devices + modular building blocks etc +1.

Something like Subtractor a la Reason was very flexible. It made so many sounds. That would be perfect with e.g. sf2 support.
Of course we can ask for loads of things. It all takes time eh!

Are the plans for sound generator and processor APIs still alive? There are plenty of people who would contribute I guess, so that’s all that is needed.

I just want a synth that also works with pattern effect commands.

This would be seriously awesome. Would it be possible to stack them in the DSP chain, so that less extra stuff is needed?