All (legacy) Ohmforce plugins are now free

All legacy Ohmforce plugs are now free
Oldies but still pretty damn good plugins , espc.Ohmicide
Just create an acount and click the get button


Ooh nice!! I remember Ohmicide and Quad Frohmage fondly.

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Sadly the best on of the bucnh ‘Ohmicide’ gives a lot of gui errors and crashes renoise

Hey, wtf I paid for ohmicide :wink:

what version are you running (also 32 or 64bit) on what OS?

I’m on 1.30.68201 and this version works fine in the latest beta on windows 10 (perhaps if there is a newer version out there, haven’t been to my account there in years, it has introduced problems and you can download this version instead?).

Just downloaded Ohmicide and it also causes my Renoise 3.4.2 on Win10 to crash with a warning message about the GUI. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I’ve had the same problems, so then I bought Trash2.

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is it mac 64bit, too?